One of the flagship products in our store is Bit-Card.  Carsten Unger is one of the founders of Bit- Card and I had a chance to interview him:
TCA: What made you get into Bitcoin in the first place?
Carsten Unger: My partner and I began investing in Bitcoin a few years back. We are software developers and we are convinced of the Bitcoin protocol and Bitcoin as a monetary system.
TCA: Why Bit-Card?  What purpose does it serve in the Bitcoin community?
CU: In my opinion, what Satoshi has built is the foundation of a fully functional e-commerce system. We have thought long and hard about what we can do for Bitcoin. Then we realized that we need a simple way to give Bitcoin as a gift without any computer or mobile phone. We thought it would be great that every time we talk about Bitcoin to our friends we could give them some Bitcoin. So they feel a slight pressure to learn more about Bitcoin. We didn’t like the simply printed paper wallets, they were not shiny enough. And the Casascius Coins were to expansive for a give away. So we developed the Bit-Card.
TCA: Why should a person choose to use your product over any other in the marketplace?
CU: We have not taken lightly the development. The cards should be easy to use, look sleek, secure, tough and durable. We hadn’t found a plastic card at the market that met our requirements, so we decided to create our own plastic cards. They have to be thicker then normal bank cards and with a black core. We also had to design and produce own special custom holograms. Furthermore we included many more security features in the card such as the security cut.
TCA:  How is the Bit-Card secure?
CU: We fully developed the software and hardware of the production system in house. So we could exclude many security risks. Here are some key points: Not enabled for some connection to a network, three different hardware random number generators (XORed), secret location, no Non-volatile memory in the system, intrusion and manipulation detection and many more.
TCA:  As a potential buyer, do I have some degree of control on the security of my card?
CU: Since the launch of our store, the cards have always evolving. Today it is also possible to create semi and full customized Bit-Cards. Starting from a customizable headline over to an individually uploaded background image up to fully customized Bit-Card. In the area of security, the cards have also evolved. We released Passphrase-Protected Wallets following BIP-0038. These Passphrase-Protected Cards offer an exceptional level of protection since the private key has been generated in encrypted form and stored on the card that way, just so that it cannot become known to either us or any third parties. Decryption of the private key is only possible using your passphrase. Currently we are working on the next generation of Bit-Cards. These cards will have a bunch of additional features.
TCA:  What does the demand look like so far?  Is there a particular style of buyer?
CU: The interest in our cards is great from the beginning. Today we are shipping thousands of Bit-Card around the world. Many of our clients are companies or collectors, but most Bit-Cards are ordered as a gift.
Best to Carsten and the rest of the Bit-Card team.  You can buy your own Bit-Card in our store today!