Billionaire Robert Kraft’s Sex-Sting Debacle Needs No Sympathy

As the Robert Kraft prostitution case goes to a Florida appellate court, it’s time for us to really reconsider our sympathy for him.

Robert Kraft,

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft could be heading back to court over soliciting prostitution in connection with a human trafficking sting. | Source: Hanewinckel-USA TODAY

  • Robert Kraft is still dealing with the so-called “prostitution parlor” case.
  • Prosecutors are taking his case to the appellate court.
  • While New England Patriot fans feel sorry for him, it’s perhaps time to reconsider that stance.

Robert Kraft could be going back to court.

Prosecutors in the prostitution case against the New England Patriots owner are taking the case to the appellate court. The hope, of course, is that they are able to save the case against him.

While, perhaps, Patriots fans feel sorry for Kraft’s predicament, it’s time we have an honest conversation about the creepy nature of the charges.

Robert Kraft Pleaded Not Guilty But Issued An Apology

According to the American sports press, Robert Kraft is a sympathetic man. He’s also, allegedly, a champion of American rights.

The language used to describe him is a dead giveaway about the media’s intentions.

He’s a “widow and part-time Palm Beach resident.” He made a “public apology” after he was hit with misdemeanor charges. And he hired “several high-profile attorneys” hired to defend him.

Source: Twitter

Robert Kraft sounds more like a doddering old grandfather than a dirty old man who solicits prostitutes.

But his guilt is “irrefutable.” Deputy Solicitor General Jeffrey DeSousa wrote in court documents:

Mr. Kraft’s guilt is a virtual certainty and he has no right to benefit from any possible mistakes police made involving innocent customers.

Why Should We Feel Sorry For Him?

Despite the opinion that Robert Kraft deserves sympathy — and even, most egregiously, an apology — he deserves neither of the above.

The Jeffrey Epstein case, and its subsequent fallout, blew the lid off of Florida’s thriving underground sex trade. And, yes, Robert Kraft was a willing participant.

Sex trafficking, under law, involves recruiting and transporting women by force or fraud, and coercing them to work as prostitutes. The traffickers, Snyder continued, had covered their tracks by moving the women every 10 to 20 days to different spas, where they were forced to sleep on massage tables and cook on hot plates. Three days later, on February 22, Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg announced that Kraft would be charged with two misdemeanor counts of soliciting prostitution. “Human trafficking is evil in our midst,” Aronberg told reporters. “Modern-day slavery” can “happen anywhere, including in the peaceful community of Jupiter, Florida.”

Underage girls and undocumented women are vulnerable.

Trafficking them is a crime and a sin.

The New England Patriots owner willingly and knowingly participated in this depravity.

So it doesn’t matter how well Tom Brady can throw a ball. Throw the book at Robert Kraft.

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