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Bill Nye the Science Guy: “I Want Bitcoin In My Analog Watch”

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM
Caleb Chen
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM

bill nye the science guyEarlier today, Bill Nye returned to Reddit to do another Ask Me Anything (AMA), a popular question answer session between the community and a famous individual or organization. Other notable AMAs include President Obama’s appearance on Reddit, which put record strain on Reddit’s servers. The Bitcoin community has recently had several AMAs within their own subreddit, from Bitcoin thought leaders like Patrick Murck and Gavin Andresen. In Bill Nye’s AMA, he answered one question on Bitcoin that revealed the celebrity’s opinion on the future of commerce and Bitcoin’s space in it. 

Bill Nye On Bitcoin

One of the questions asked of Bill Nye, by /u/cherker , was this: “What’s your opinion of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general? Do you think it can achieve widespread use, or is it just a fad?” Bill Nye responded:

If it’s not bitcoin, it’ll be something. The future of commerce is going to be all electronic. The gold standard was a fine idea, but electronic changes of funds and credits will be the future. Speaking for myself, I want bitcoin in my analog watch, somehow, someday soon. But I want an analog watch. Not everybody wants that. It’s not for everybody!

As someone that the millennial generation identifies with and looks up to, Bill Nye has increased his public presence in recent years to become a champion for technology and science against ignorance in its many forms. Nye’s comment on the abandoned gold standard hints that he understands how Bitcoin might be used as money for commerce the same way that gold was used as money, except all electronically.

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