BIGbtc helps merchants accept Bitcoin through advanced training

Unfortunately, this sign alone is not enough to accept Bitcoin. BIGbtc will help merchants cover everything needed to accept Bitcoin the right way.

With the growing number of merchants who accept Bitcoin as a valid method of payment, one cannot help but wonder whether these people know all the necessary details to embark on this crypto journey. So many factors come into play here. BIGbtc saw this, and they are trying to provide a solution to this problem.

Bitcoin 201

BIGbtc, short for Bitcoin Integration Group, is a new player in the cryptocurrency space. Today, they released their newest idea to the press. They are launching a comprehensive merchant integration program. To coincide with this launch, BIGbtc also developed an advanced series of workshops. They call it Bitcoin 201 “Not just Another Bitcoin 101” training.

“You can setup all the Bitcoin web tutorials and YouTube videos you want. You can promise merchants a secure and profitable experience, but if the average merchant feels intimidated by the forces that be, they won’t adopt,” said Brett Russell, BIGbtc Founder and General Manager. “Put a warm body beside them, an experienced and competent person to hold their hand through the integration process, educate them on every aspect of payment processing best practices and on how to defend themselves against evil forces, they will adopt.”

Providing expertise through connections

The rising merchant adoption rate of Bitcoin is one of the reasons why people are keeping the faith. No matter how much bad news is being spread lately, the cryptocurrency stays strong because of this. Such a crucial role in Bitcoin’s success deserves more attention. BIGbtc wants to become a big player in increasing adoption by providing professional onsite integration expertise, ongoing support and a regular series of advanced full-day training workshops.

To assist these businesses and deliver the right services, BIGbtc will have a variety of information technology, legal and accounting firms across the country to rely on. They will maintain regular connections with them and also make these connections available to their merchant clients. That way, the company is able to cover almost all technical and legal questions a Bitcoin startup could have.

“Having accurate and up­-to-­date information from government regulators, banking institutions, law enforcement agencies, accountants and tax attorneys are important factors and influence a decision. Knowing who the Payment Processors are and how they work, who the Point Of Sale software and hardware vendors are and how they work, understanding best practices and being schooled in all facets of the integration process will increase merchant confidence.”

“We will package our extensive knowledge and resources and deliver it to the merchant’s door.We will attend their locations, assess their working environment, identify weaknesses and report our findings,” Russell continued. “With our guidance and knowledge the merchant can secure the working environment, decide who the payment processor is, what wallet type and storage methods they want to use and what Point Of Sale system is best suited. BIGbtc will then do the integration.”

BIGbtc will start its services in Canada but does not plan on remaining only there. The Toronto-based company expects to enter the United States no later than the fourth quarter of 2014.

Last modified (UTC): October 13, 2019 23:28