BFGMiner 4.0 Officially Released and MultiMiner 3.0 Officially Released In Tandem

May 24, 2014 18:03 UTC
BFGMiner 4.0 Officially Released, MultiMiner 3.0 Officially Released as well In Tandem

Luke Jr has officially released BFGMiner 4.0 into the wild with a ton of enhancements and features. Along with it a key member of the development team Nate Woolls released MultiMiner 3.0 to go along with it. Update: BFGMiner is live. 5/26/14 Quick Note: Slight Delay on BFGMiner.  It will be posted soon. :-) Notable in the BFGMiner release is the support for many new miners that have come on the scene. Some you will recognize from my reviews like the OneString Miner, HexFury and Gridseed Blade reviews. The official support makes BFGMiner even more hardware friendly. There is even support for the hard to find DrillBit miners.  Notable is the support for the extremely late Butterfly Labs Monarch miner which is looking more and more like a waste of Bitcoin that buys Josh of BFL a house and two cars. More support for the multi-chip Nano Fury miners and so much more. The new hardware support is great because it allows quick integration into your existing BFGMiner controlled ecosystems without messing around. [divider]CCN[/divider] [dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]ith BFGMiner release comes MultiMiner 3.0 which adds a bunch of sought after features such as full Scrypt-N support, Darkcoin Miner support and so much more. Both releases are big steps forward and are keep making mining easier and easier for everyone while providing a stable platform. Great work Luke Jr and Nate Woolls, we appreciate the hard work immensely. I was able to interview Nate Woolls as well, and I will have that for you all after memorial day. [divider]CCN[/divider] [dropcap size=small]H[/dropcap]ere are both official release documents from Luke Jr. BFGMiner and Nate Woolls MultiMiner. BFGMiner Development Team Releases Version 4.0 The Leading Bitcoin Mining Software 2014 May 24th — The BFGMiner development team today announced the immediate availability of BFGMiner 4.0, the latest major release of the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining software. Designed to support today’s diversity of miners, BFGMiner 4 delivers a flexible foundation needed for mining at home or as a business.

BFGMiner 4.0

Available for over two years, since the advent of consumer-friendly FPGA miners, BFGMiner has earned a reputation for performance and reliability. Today, miners all over the world rely on BFGMiner for their mission-critical mining rigs. With the new 4.0 release, BFGMiner gains automatic hotplugging support, proxy support for GBT and scrypt pools, a common/shared interface for all devices, as well as support for some of the newest ASIC mining hardware: Butterfly Labs’s Monarch, BFx2 mining sticks, newer Drillbit miners, the bi-algorithm scrypt/SHA256d DualMiner USB stick, GridSeed scrypt ASIC miners, HashBuster Alpha, Hex•Fury, NanoFury NF2/NF6, and OneStringMiner boards. OpenCL support as well as scrypt support in general have also seen major improvements. Planned for upcoming versions, the BFGMiner team aims to expand flexibility, improved decentralised mining, integrating more proof-of-work algorithms, and native support for concurrently mining multiple cryptocurrencies.

”BFGMiner is my go-to choice for mining software. It is fast, simple to use and has excellent support with a huge community behind it. There is so much I can do with it from run a single miner to a whole farm. The sky’s the limit.” -Scott Fargo, CCN

For more information about BFGMiner 4, visit -Added the ability to choose from a range of supported miners for GPU algorithms (BFGMiner, SGMiner, SPH-SGMiner, Kalroth-SJ CGMiner, Vertminer, DarkcoinSGMiner) -Added support for the latest CoinWarz API including profitability for Scrypt-N, X11, Quark and Groestl -Added support for hosting multiple Stratum Proxies, both SHA-2 and Scrypt (requires enabling Perks) -Support for using 3rd-party Scrypt kernels with BFGMiner -Backend miner downloads are now hosted directly at -Settings are now automatically backed up and – if corruption is detected – restored -Getwork and Stratum connection details now displayed for Stratum Proxies in the Details Pane -Coins for Network Devices are now detected using the pool URL reported via the RPC API -Added a prompt before disabling Auto-Mining Strategies when using the Quick Switch feature -A dialog is now shown while scanning hardware for mining devices Two great mining software programs that exceed expectations every time and they are my go-to mining programs.  I like the ease of use, stability and so much more.

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