Betverse Partners in Asia

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November 13, 2019 3:33 PM UTC

Betverse are delighted to announce several new partnerships in Asia.

Who is Betverse?

Developed by Hatchworks and powered by the DALP multi-million dollar liquidity pool, is a unique skills-based (regulated) betting website where users can bet real money on themselves in a range of popular mini, indie, and big-league games and earn as they play, level by level.  It is unique in that users can also challenge their friends with customisable peer-to-peer (P2P) and team betting, or they can bet against the liquidity pool, on reaching certain milestones and levels. It is the world’s first online gaming community where the better you are, the more you earn.

New Partners in Asia

Led by the global head of business development for Betverse, Karen Yap, the team spent the last 2 weeks in Malaysia (at Level Up KL 2019), Japan, Indonesia and finally, Singapore. As a result, Betverse can announce the following partnerships. 

Betverse’s Karen Yap with Zi Tian Zhang, co founder and COO of developer Lion Fish and Hatchworks IC member Kay Khemani

Lion Fish Studios

Betverse will be partnering with Lion Fish studios who is a local games developer in Singapore. Games featured on Betverse for full-blown skills-based-betting will be Super Parcel Panic, Lion City Heroes and more that the studio will be developing for Betverse. 

Benua Softworks

Furthermore, after successful meetings with the management team of Benua Softworks, an upcoming developer in Indonesia, a white-labelled version of Run Roll Rumble, Proto G and Drunken Alien will be integrated as well. This will bring multiplayer fighting and hack and slash games to the platform. Benua will also be providing game development services to Betverse gamers and community members.

Proto — G and upcoming Hack and Slash futuristic adventure by Indonesian developer Benua Softworks:

Run Roll Rumble is a multiplayer fighting game developed by Benua Softworks: 

Anoman Studio

The developer of Orbiz, the popular zombie survival shooter, shared their (Mr. Made Wira Aditya, CEO of Anoman Studio) concerns about the state of the industry as indie developers continue to struggle across the globe if not picked up by a prominent publisher. Although Orbiz managed to get thousands of paid downloads on Steam, Karen Yap stated “the opportunity to supplement existing ad or DLC based revenue streams through Betverse is monumental.” Orbiz will be integrated into Betverse (mobile version) for in-game betting next year. Anoman Studio will also be providing game development services to Betverse gamers and community members.

Orbiz is a single and multiplayer zombie-shooter game developed by Anoman Studio:

Rotten Mage

Karen additionally met Chiang Song Lim, the CEO of Rotten Mage, a local Singapore based indie developer behind the 8/10 Steam rated ‘Spacejacked’ side-scroller meets tower-defense game. It is available for Android, PS4 and Vita and Rotten Mage will feature Spacejacked on Betverse for in-game betting and develop titles for Betverse.

Spacejacked is a single and multiplayer zombie-shooter game developed by Rotten Mage: 

All in all, the Betverse team estimates that owing to the integration of the abovementioned titles, the user base in terms of signups will receive a significant boost. “Across all to-be integrated titles, we estimate the user base to be in the 10–30,000 range”, calculated Karen.

Betverse is currently in closed beta and will be in open-beta later this year. 

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