Betabrand Accepts Bitcoin For The “Coolest Clothes On The Internet” Via Coinbase In “Two Clicks”

April 6, 2014 11:01 UTC

Weeks ago, a Redditor posted to /r/Bitcoin a screenshot of an email exchange that he had with Betabrand’s Phillip West Re: Bitcoin.  In the email, Betabrand revealed their intentions to accept Bitcoin by the end of 2014:

We’re definitely considering it.  I can’t say exactly when it’ll be up and running, but stay tuned and we should be able to take your digital currency off your hands by the end of the year :)

Cheers, Phil

Betabrand has indeed kept their promise to accept Bitcoin by the end of 2014.  In fact, much like, they over-delivered on their promise and have started accepting Bitcoin as of this week.  Today, the Coinbase blog announced in their weekly Merchant Highlight that Betabrand would be accepting Bitcoin via Coinbase:

Betabrand offers some of the coolest clothes on the web, and you can now spend bitcoin on Betabrand with two-clicks using your Coinbase wallet. With the exception of crowdfunded prototypes, all Betabrand products are now shopable in bitcoin; some of our favorites include Executive Hoodies and Dress Pant Yoga Pants. We’re very excited to bring Betabrand’s crowdfunded, one-of-a-kind products to bitcoin users worldwide.

There it is: The fabled “Other Payment Methods” Option.

Two-Click Buying… Will It Become 1-Click?

One of the things I hate about using new services online is having to type in my CC number, as required in the Betabrand checkout if I were to pay by that unsuited and archaic method.  The credit card was never meant to be used on the internet; it was invented and implemented before the internet as we know it was even properly conceptualized.  Bitcoin, on the other hand, is born of the age of the Internet.  Coinbase claims “you can now spend bitcoin on Betabrand with two-clicks using your Coinbase wallet.”  Given that you are already logged into your Coinbase account, the process is that seamless.  There isn’t even need to copy and paste an address or scan a QR code. There isn’t even a need to copy and paste an address or scan a QR code.

In Bitcoin payment processors, we will increasingly see these claims of two-click transactions.  The first click occurs on Betabrand’s website.  The second click occurs on the Coinbase website.  We won’t see “1-click’ transactions with Bitcoin for two very important reasons.  The first of which is that only a service such as Coinbase, with both merchant and consumer solutions integrated in their platform, could conceivably settle these transactions off the blockchain while offering a user the seamless experience of two clicks.  The second reason is a little less technical… Amazon owns a patent on the technique and the “1-click” trademark thanks to the US Patent and Trademark Office.  Many attempts to overturn this precedent in international courts have failed completely.  Furthermore, the only other company that Amazon has licensed to use said technique is none other than anti-Bitcoin giant: Apple.

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