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Bernie Sanders is Running for President. He’s the Only One Who Can Beat Trump

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:53 PM
Ben Brown
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:53 PM

Bernie Sanders has officially launched his presidential campaign for 2020.

The 77-year-old is now the Democratic front-runner and the only candidate who can realistically beat Donald Trump.

Not only is he the most popular Senator in the country , but recent polls also show he would pip Donald Trump in a hypothetical election . 

Beating Donald Trump is a huge motivator for Sanders’ 2020 run. The Vermont Senator branded Trump an “embarrassment .” 

“It Is Time to Complete the Revolution”

Bernie Sanders famously lost out to Hilary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic race. Four years later, he’s the Democrat’s best hope of ousting Donald Trump.

Sanders came out of nowhere during the 2016 presidential run, starting the race 57 points behind establishment stalwart Clinton. He closed out the run within touching distance of the nomination.

This time around is different. Sanders kickstarted a revolution last time around. His young base has grown even larger and the “radical” policies he touted are now mainstream.

Launching his campaign, he said:

“Together, you and I and our 2016 campaign began the political revolution. Now, it is time to complete that revolution and implement the vision that we fought for.”

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Bernie Sanders’ Anti-Establishment Policies

Sanders will reignite his fight against the establishment, Wall Street, and over-reaching big business.

We’re likely to see his familiar socialist policies back at the heart of the campaign. Expect passionate calls for free college tuition and free healthcare for everyone.

The infamous $15 minimum wage policy, which split even the Democrats last time out, is likely to make a comeback. Multiple Democrats have since made the $15 minimum wage a key part of their campaign pledges.

In what has become trademark Bernie Sanders rhetoric, he said:

“I’m running for president because a great nation is judged not by how many billionaires and nuclear weapons it has, but by how it treats the most vulnerable – the elderly, the children, our veterans, the sick and the poor.”

The Only One Who Can Beat Trump?

Bernie Sanders’ anti-establishment voice gives him a unique position among a field of strong Democrats.

He’s the only one that can realistically draw Trump voters back to the Democrats. His rally cries against Wall Street and crony capitalism resonates with many of the disenfranchised Trump voters.

Speaking to the Atlantic , Sanders’ former pollster Ben Tulchin said:

“He’s uniquely positioned to do better against Trump in the general because he appeals to white working-class and rural voters—much better than a conventional Democrat does.”

In a hypothetical 2020 election, voters would pick Sanders over Trump by 38-37. It’s marginal, but it puts Sanders out in front. And even with a strong State of the Union behind him, Donald Trump’s approval rating sits at 44% , compared to Bernie Sanders’ 63%  (in differing polls).

Challenges to Overcome

Sanders is going up against a packed Democratic field in the 2020 race. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA) and Kamala Harris (CA) will pose a decent threat, and there’s still the looming presence of big-name Joe Biden.

Sanders has also struggled with black voters and those in the southern states compared to more traditional Democrat candidates.

Despite that, Sanders still poses the best chance of ousting Donald Trump.

Bernie’s back in the game.