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Bernie Sanders Picks a Fight with Trump in an Attempt to Stay Relevant

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:44 PM
Nick Marinoff
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:44 PM

By CCN.com: Is Bernie Sanders fighting a losing battle?

The Vermont Senator entered the 2020 presidential race in February, marking his second attempt at attaining White House glory. For more than a month, the 77-year-old Democratic socialist appeared to be leading the race for his party’s nomination… That is until Joe Biden announced his campaign for the presidency only weeks ago. Now, it seems Biden has replaced Sanders  as the ultimate frontrunner.

Going, Going, Gone… Bernie Sanders Is Falling Behind

Sanders already came up short in 2016 against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. A potential loss to Biden will mark Sanders’ second failure for the presidency, but was Sanders’ campaign ever worth taking seriously?

One can argue that Sanders’ campaign was over before it began. The Senator already lost three years prior, so the idea of nominating a loser for the biggest and most important job in the world is somewhat terrifying. Right now, we have a president who is willing to take on anyone who threatens this nation’s well-being and productivity. If doing business with China is hurting the jobs market in the U.S. and thinning the manufacturing industry, tariffs are enforced to keep our economy strong.

If a country like Iran wants to threaten us with a military strike, Trump is there to issue the warning that attacking the U.S. would result in Iran’s end. What is Trump supposed to do, take these threats lying down?

Sanders seems to think so. Pledging the idea that it will be middle-class citizens who are deployed against Iran’s military, Sanders issued an official tweet that called Trump a “bully” and ended with the words, “No war with Iran!” Bernie clearly isn’t thinking about what could potentially happen if the U.S. allowed Iran to walk all over it. The country’s alleged nuclear capabilities make it a formidable enemy to both us and its neighbors like Saudi Arabia, which is now exploring nuclear-based options as a means of protecting itself against Iran’s power-hungry leaders.

Nobody wants a war with Iran; not even Trump. Recently, the president responded with  “I hope not” when asked if the U.S. will engage in conflict with Iran. The point is that Trump has shown the strength and willingness to stand against Iran when it threatens his country.

Members of Congress also seek to stand against Iran if it ever threatened or attacked the U.S. Meanwhile, Sanders is meek in his response of “no war with Iran”, simply claiming that such a conflict would be bad without providing any alternatives to that option.

We Need Politicians Who Are Strong, Not Shaky

There are tough guys serving in our political spectrum, but Sanders is not one of them. That alone cuts him out of the presidential race. How can U.S. citizens ever trust someone who is already showing signs of not coming to their aid?

Bernie Sanders has also tarnished his reputation with younger generations with whom he previously held high marks . Many students have called Sanders out on  his wealth status, calling him a hypocrite for bashing millionaires while secretly being one. The Senator has also openly praised both socialism and communism, which is bound to rub a lot of Americans the wrong way.

Sanders probably isn’t tough, but more than that, he probably isn’t dependable. In his defense, that could probably be said of most of the Democratic Party’s present nominees, but Sanders’ fame and media highpoints seem to be fading quickly. The Senator young people once thought of as “cool” is looking less appealing as the leader of the free world.

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