Bernkankoin launched in December of 2013.
Does Paul Krugman think
Bernankoin is evil?

Some people have talked about the idea of a government creating its own cryptocurrency, and Bernankoin gives us a peak into how that could work. Individuals who are worried about the horrors of deflation can rest easy because Bernankoin is here to provide rising prices to all markets. Instead of trusting the free market to properly allocate resources throughout the entire economy, Bernankoin allows everyone to print bernankoins whenever they are needed. In the future, you will be able to print bernankoins on your computer instead of asking the bank to finance your new business loan. Say goodbye to that liquidity trap for good!

Replacing Mining with Printing

Although Bitcoin has proven to be rather innovative as a payment network, there are a large number of issues with the bitcoin currency. The first issue is a matter of semantics, but it’s important to remove an archaic term such as “mining” from the lexicon of future cryptocurrencies. Mining has nothing to do with money because we no longer need to put our trust in a chunk of metal. Bernankoin replaces Bitcoin’s mining with a printing process that allows users to use the same methods that Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan have used to keep our economy at a perfect growth rate for decades. Anyone can become a Bernankcoin printer, so there is no reason to worry about a collapse in consumer spending. Everyone has access to bernankoins whenever they need them, so we don’t need to worry about the 1% preventing the flow of money throughout the entire economy.

The Futility of a Government Issued Cryptocurrency

All joking aside, Bernankoin shows us why a centralized version of Bitcoin created by a government would be completely missing the point. The reason people like Bitcoin is the fact that there is no centralized party controlling the increase in the money supply. Even if a government were able to create its own inflationary cryptocurrency, that form of money would face a huge issue when it came to competing with the bitcoin. After all, who is going to hold the government’s cryptocurrency when it loses value on a yearly basis? Bitcoin has been able to bring competition back to the world of money, and it’s been a long time since fiat currency has had any real competition. They’ve been able to rig the system against gold and silver in the past, but Bitcoin offers a new option that could be difficult for government officials to tax, regulate, and control.

The US Dollar as a Cryptocurrency

Imagine if someone said they were going to create a new cryptocurrency, named the US Dollar, to compete against Bitcoin. The creator would claim that a central authority, the Federal Reserve, would control the supply of dollars over time. They would hand out the dollars in secret, and no one would be allowed to complete a full audit of the source code. The mining process would be a guy adding extra zeros to certain US Dollar addresses, and the central authority behind the system would also have the power to change the amount of dollars attached to those addresses when they deemed it to be necessary. If the US Dollar were created today as a new cryptocurrency, it would look a lot like a premined scamcoin.