Bella Thorne Makes Things Worse for OnlyFans’ Adult Content Creators

In a tone-deaf "apology," Bella Thorne tried to beg off the chaos she'd created for OnlyFans' content creators. She just doesn't get it.

Bella Thorne wants to fix the absolute dumpster fire she lit up, but she's only likely to pour more gasoline.| Source: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

  • Bella Thorne has issued a tone-deaf “apology” on Twitter.
  • She swears that she’s “trying to help” adult content creators.
  • But all she’s proving is that she just doesn’t get it.

Bella Thorne still doesn’t get it.

In a weak Twitter thread, the former Disney star tried to get out of the mess she’d created for OnlyFans’ content creators by issuing a half-hearted apology and a promise to “help” those who were negatively affected by her actions.

Bella Thorne goes on the defensive after ruining OnlyFans for its content creators.. | Source: Twitter

But all she’s proving is that she’s still tone-deaf and out of touch.

Bella Thorne May Have Lied and Defrauded OnlyFans Users

As we told you yesterday, the brouhaha around Bella Thorne started when she joined OnlyFans and made close to $2 million on her first day.

The issue everyone has with Thorne has nothing to do with the money she made. That’s capitalism, despite its many faults.

The issue stems from Thorne seemingly defrauding OnlyFans users. After initially promising her subscribers a fully-disrobed photo, Thorne subsequently charged them upwards of $200 to get a photo that didn’t deliver.

This resulted in massive chargebacks for the company, costing them several thousands of dollars in revenue, and causing the company to implement major changes to their platform, resulting in a financial fallout for the true content creators.

And there’s more: Bella Thorne initially claimed that she was doing all this as “research” for a movie that had acclaimed director Sean Baker sitting at the helm. On August 28, 2020, Baker disabused his followers of that notion as well.

Sean Baker debunks Bella Thorne’s claims. | Source: Twitter

The Jig Is Up

Realizing her little scheme had been exposed, Bella Thorne took to Twitter to issue the weakest, most half-hearted apology in history. Not since Ellen DeGeneres’ employee memo had a celebrity demonstrated herself so out-of-touch with reality.

In her tweet-storm, she called herself a “mainstream face” that was trying to bring attention to the plight of OnlyFans content creators and promised to “sit down” with OnlyFans executives to ameliorate the mess she caused.

People — rightly — weren’t buying it.

OnlyFans content creators aren’t happy with the former Disney star — and rightly so. | Source: Twitter
You don’t really get much more “mainstream” than Beyonce. | Source: Twitter
Essentially, yes. | Source: Twitter

If Bella Thorne was truly sincere about destigmatizing the type of work that’s popular on OnlyFans, there were a million and one ways to use her celebrity in a positive way that didn’t involve defrauding people in the process. However, all she’s proving is revealing herself as another spoiled former child star that’s completely out of touch with reality.

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Last modified: September 23, 2020 2:27 PM

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