Beldex Releases Groundbreaking Hybrid DEX and Crypto Debit Card!

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Beldex is one of the first hybrid exchanges, whose ICO is touted to be launched on 1/05/18. It has the advantages of both decentralization and centralization exchanges. However, the drawbacks of the exchanges are eliminated with this privacy coin.

In recent days with the development of blockchain technology, most of the real world entities are linked to wallet addresses. This calls for unnecessary privacy threats which is solved by BELDEX coin. The sole purpose of BELDEX coin is to protect the privacy of its users with the CryptoNight proof-of-work algorithm. These coins address the issue of replication, tweaking or modification. BELDEX coins continually strive to find a competitive edge over other coins and provide the best for customers.

The industry standards in the crypto economy and blockchain technology are increasing with BELDEX. It is anticipated to be the first ever hybrid exchange system based on premium performance architecture. This way, people can look at hybrid exchanges that will take a good turn and create a powerful and reliable platform. It will become one of the most important aspects in the growth of crypto-economy that will create favorable conditions for the existing as well as new contributors.

“BELDEX was started with a goal of being a truly innovative next generation exchange. We intend kick-start an entire ecosystem around the BELDEX coin. We plan to introduce physical debit cards, so that you can use BELDEX Debit Cards anywhere in the world similar to Visa and Mastercard.” – Leadership Team

Speaking about the product’s functional capabilities, it is said to have a highly secured and hybrid architecture, advanced interface, welcoming utility debit cards, secure mode of payments and much more which will induce interest among the users.

To be precise, BELDEX offers global service that allows and strengthens peer-to-peer transaction [P2P], supports fiat currency exchange with cryptocurrencies via BELDEX debit cards and every transaction can be liquefied without hassle.

*An exchange is called centralized when it is owned by a profit-oriented company that receives returns from the free structure.  

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