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Batman Casting: Early Reports Suggests Warner Bros. Eyeing Jonah Hill

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:03 PM
George Chrysostomou
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:03 PM
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Robert Pattinson | Credit: NME

The 2021 release date of “The Batman” means that Warner Bros. are still in the early process of casting the blockbuster.

The film is said to be based  in part on “The Long Halloween” and will be written and directed by Matt Reeves. Reeves has had a stellar career so far, including his work on the “Planet of the Apes” franchise.

If “The Batman” is to trace the steps of the classic tale “The Long Halloween” this means that a number of villains will have to be cast. With the film no longer part of a shared universe it means that there’s also a lot of new actors being brought in. Here’s a look at some of the characters that will feature in the superhero flick and who could be portraying them.


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Ben Affleck as Batman. | Credit: Warner Bros.

It has already been confirmed  that Robert Pattinson will be playing the dark knight himself. The Brit will be one many actors to don the cowl on TV and film in the last few years. But it’s yet to be seen whether he will be viewed as one of the best.


It’s being reported  that Jonah Hill is being eyed for a role in “The Batman.” The top choice for the veteran actor is to take on the part of Oswald Cobblepot, otherwise known as the Penguin. However, Josh Gad known for his work in “Frozen” and “Murder on the Orient Express,” has made his intentions clear that he would like the role of the Penguin. He has since confirmed he has not been cast in the role. Is that just a bluff?


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The Riddler | Credit: DC Comics

Edward Nigma, also known as the Riddler, is the other top spot Hill is being sought for. The man of games and clues would be a good fit for Hill. Jonah’s career has resulted in a number of roles that have flexed both his dramatic and comedic muscles. It’s this combination that makes him an ideal actor to play the Riddler and will make him a great adversary for Batman.


J.K. Simmons has seemingly jumped back into the world of “Spider-Man.” The film is also no longer sharing a place in the DCEU. This means the role of Commissioner Gordon must be recast. Jefferey Wright of “Hunger Games” and “Westworld” fame is top of that casting list. It’s said that he’s not only the top choice, but is already in negotiations with Warner Bros. for the role.

Following on from Batman day, all of this casting news is expected to draw attention to the upcoming blockbuster film. However, it could be quite a while before we receive any official casting confirmations.