Automated Cryptocurrency Trading for Everyone-Gimmer Announces Token Sale


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Cryptocurrency trading – though theoretically simple enough to understand, is still a relatively new deal and the dynamics are very different from conventional trading in the stocks and commodities markets. There are always new things that need to be learned and often traders find themselves in uncharted waters with news and latest developments affecting trading circles almost instantaneously.

Trading is also a 24/7 trading opportunity rather than 9-5/5 days a week deal with extreme volatility associated with it. So, understanding the market and executing a perfect strategy is not an easy task especially for beginners.

Decentralized, customizable, and automated exchanges are a new deal in the business as they offer a new dimension to cryptocurrency trading. There have been countless instances in which money has been stolen from cryptocurrency wallets in exchanges and insiders involved in the exchanges have been found guilty. These current exchanges are highly centralized and are manually maintained in most cases.

So, a need to introduce decentralization and automation in crypto exchanges has been there for some time. Gimmer, a new automated cryptocurrency exchange will attempt to customize trading platform to each user’s personal level of expertise and liking.

Gimmer – Top Features

The centerpiece of the automated operation of the new exchange is their trading bot technology. These are AI-based programmable bots that can take emotion and even fear out of the game while trading in cryptocurrencies whose regular volatility can even cause the most experienced traders to sell in fear of crashes and drops in prices.

The added security feature is that no money is held on the Exchange servers as traders can trade directly from their end, with no money being sent to a third party in between. Other features include a unique set of options available from experienced traders to complete noobs on the subject of trading, rented out trading strategies from experts and a live alpha version available for public testing with 800+ active users as well. This early launch will boost confidence for the future Token Generation Event.

The main aspect of the platform is the automated trading capability where Gimmer offers a competitive advantage. The reason is that most platforms supporting automated trading involve complex or medium level of programming while in the Gimmer platform the user doesn’t need to know anything about programming and strategy and he can literally rent it one of the existing ones out after a brief understanding. So, the process is extremely simplified.

According to the roadmap of the project, decentralization is not achieved right now but it is on the cards along with bot-operated arbitrage and lending options. So, there are a lot of revolutionary approaches coming from the startup that are going to disrupt the exchange market in the future.

Gimmer Token Generation Event (TGE)

The pre-sale of the Gimmer token will start from January 17th and hard cap is set at 110 million tokens. The pre-sale starts with a bonus of up to 40% which will lessen with time. The main TGE will commence from February 1st and last a whole month with a maximum of 20% discount available. The soft cap has been set at 4,800 ETH and the hard cap is set at 35,000 ETH so the targets are quite ambitious from the company.

To find out more, visit the Gimmer site:

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