Trump Slump? Government Shutdown & Trade War Leave Markets on Edge

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The federal government shutdown showdown of 2019 between Capitol Hill Democrats and President Donald Trump keeps setting records as it enters into its 26th day. The previous longest federal shutdown in U.S. history was the 1995-’96 face-off between Speaker Newt Gingrich (leading the first Republican House Majority in 40 years) and President Bill Clinton. That … Read more

Anonymous Trader That Can Gain $175 Million From S&P 500 Bet Was Not “Doing a Buffett”

Was the anonymous trader who “caused a stir” in the U.S. equity options market on Monday with a massive bet–– Doing a Buffett?” Saqib Iqbal Ahmed asks at Reuters Business News, pointing out: ‘The trader sold 19,000 put options on the S&P 500 Index. SPX obligating him or her to buy the market benchmark at … Read more