GameStop’s Desperate Pivot Is the Last Gasp of a Dying Brand

GameStop has joined forces with global innovation design firm R/GA to outline a new strategy to save the waning business. The initiative comes at a time when the video game retailer is enduring a record-breaking slump in sales and reeks of a desperate effort to reverse its unstoppable decline. In a press release issued yesterday, … Read more

Sekiro Easy Mod Is the Lazy Gamer’s Ultimate Cop-Out

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice easy mod

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is hard – unforgivably hard. If you stand among the countless players who’ve given up in the face of Sekiro’s inherent difficulty, then a new easy mod may be just what the doctor ordered. The freshly-released PC mod developed by modder Tender Box allows players to drastically scale down the difficulty … Read more

Epic Splashes Fortnite Millions Luring Game Developers to Ditch Steam

Epic Games, Steam, Fortnite

Inviting the wrath of diehard Steam fans, Epic Games continues to snap up Epic Store exclusives by throwing millions at developers to coax them away from Valve’s platform. How does a newcomer chip away at such an entrenched market? No competitor has yet to successfully rival Steam’s dominance as the go-to digital storefront for PC … Read more

Facebook Guns for Sony’s Gaming Throne With Ubisoft VR Exclusives

oculus rift, quest

Facebook is gunning for Sony’s gaming throne, and it’s arming itself by partnering with Ubisoft to bring exclusives of popular franchises Assassin’s Creed and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell to the Oculus VR headset. Alongside dipping into established intellectual properties, The Information reports that Facebook is eager to acquire game studios to develop original games amid … Read more

Flagging Fortnite Vacates Top Spot on Twitch Streaming Platform

league of legends and fortnite

Twitch viewership results for the first half of 2018 are in, and Riot Games’ massively popular MOBA League of Legends has ousted Fortnite from the top spot for the first time in over a year. Data compiled by The Esports Observer indicates League of Legends amassed 512.3 million hours watched while Fortnite accrued 465 million … Read more

This G2A Dumpster Fire Just Keeps Burning Hotter


G2A’s woes continued today after the video game key reseller confessed that an employee contacted ten websites with requests to publish pre-written, non-disclosed sponsored posts to reverse the tide on its ongoing PR dumpster fire. Thomas Faust, a writer for gaming outlet Indie Games Plus, took to Twitter to showcase one such email received from … Read more

Mobile Gaming Scores, Captures $29.6 Billion of Global App Spending

mobile gaming

Figures produced by mobile insight analyst Sensor Tower suggest global app revenue hit the $39.7 billion mark in the first six months of 2019. The rise represents a 15.4 percent increase compared to $34.4 billion for the same period in 2018. Mobile gaming accounted for the majority with $29.6 billion, equating to 75.9 percent of … Read more

Game Giant Blizzard Lambasted for Alleged Cynical Hiring Practices

activision blizzard

In the wake of mass layoffs that saw over 800 employees leave the company back in early 2019, Blizzard is once again hiring for identical positions in what ex-employees are branding a cynical move. A job opening for a Hearthstone community manager listed on Blizzard’s careers portal earlier this week sparked the controversy. Among the … Read more