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Privacy Shocker: Did Facebook's Libra Plans Just Go Up in Smoke?

mark zuckerberg, facebook

By CCN Markets: As if Facebook didn't have enough privacy issues, the company now confirms that it has been transcribing the audio chats of its users for quite some time. Facebook Claims It Wasn't Being Sneaky Facebook claims that the only conversations that were transcribed were from those users who selected that option in the Messenger app. Facebook also claims that it was on for the sole...

Bizarre Elon Musk Tweet Hikes Andrew Yang's 2020 Odds by 50%

tesla ceo elon musk endorses andrew yang for 2020 democratic presidential primary

Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang received an unexpected, though terse, endorsement on Saturday, scoring the support of none other than Tesla CEO Elon Musk. I support Yang — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 10, 2019 That’s right, the con-man extraordinaire himself tweeted out his support for the venture capitalist’s presidential run. Andrew Yang's 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary...

The Bitcoin Skeptic: Bitcoin Will Never Be a Store of Value. Here's Why

Bitcoin store of value

As the resident bitcoin skeptic at, it’s my job to make logical and reasoned arguments against holding bitcoin. Today I argue that bitcoin is not a store of value as some claim, and never will be. It's not even a hedge. "Store of Value" Does Not Mean What You Think It Means The concept of a “store of value” means that a given object can be exchanged with another person. That person must...

Uber Investor Mistakenly Claims Stock Is Toast Without Kalanick-Like CEO

Travis Kalanick

Bradley Tusk, an early investor in Uber Technologies and its first political strategist, believes current management lacks the innovative and intense vision of founder Travis Kalanick and that Uber stock will remain in the dumps as long as that remains the case. No Confidence in Management Bradley Tusk says the reason that Uber stock is in the doldrums is that there is not any confidence in...

The SEC Punts on Bitcoin ETFs and Will Never Permit Them

sec, bitcoin

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is delaying its decisions on whether to approve or kill three new bitcoin ETFs. The bitcoin ETF offerings from VanEck, Bitwise, and United States Bitcoin and Treasury Investment have each been under consideration for months, and the SEC is pushing its decision out to the maximum amount of time permitted under federal regulations. Why Isn't The SEC...

AMD Stock a Buying Opportunity with Game-Changing New Chip?

AMD microchip processor

Hoo boy! Did Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) catch the market by surprise last week! AMD did not actually report very good numbers a few days ago, but they have a new chip and it already has some big players clamoring for it. That’s what set AMD stock on fire. Let's look at the earnings report first, so we can put this big announcement into context... because it explains some of the numbers. AMD:...

Court Slams Facebook, Allows Privacy Class Action Worth Billions

Facebook Class Action, facebook, Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg just had their ears boxed by the 9th US circuit Court of Appeals regarding privacy concerns related to Facebook's facial recognition technology. The decision by the court opens the possibility of a massive Facebook class action lawsuit that might cost it billions of dollars. Facebook Collecting Data?  Say It Isn't So! Back in 2015, number of Facebook users in Illinois...

Call of Duty is Activision's Big Bet after Disappointing Earnings


Activision Blizzard appears to be struggling these days, as revenue and earnings fell compared to the same quarter last year. Let's take a look at the headline numbers, and see what those metrics can tell us about Activision stock today and in the future. Management commentary on some of the details may help us understand the struggles facing the company. Revenues and Earnings Get Clocked In the...

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