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Elon Musk: Tesla Con Man Betrays Lack of Faith in Cratering Company

elon musk tesla stock

By CCN: The frustrating thing about con artists is that they just keep fleecing suckers until the liquidity dries up. In the case of Elon Musk and Tesla, it appears that there is still an ocean of suckers out there. Fans of “What Will Elon Musk Lie About Next?” will not be surprised that Tesla's announced $2.8 billion capital raise comes despite Elon Musk’s declaration that Tesla wouldn’t be...

Letitia James: Say Hello to the Newest Clown in the Anti-Trump Circus

letitia james donald trump

By CCN: Sore-loser Democrats have been trying to delegitimize President Donald Trump ever since his upset electoral victory in 2016. The latest salvo from the Democrats comes in the form of New York Attorney General-elect Letitia James. She announced broad-ranging investigations into not only President Donald Trump but also Trump’s family and “anyone in his orbit”. Letitia James Is Already a...

Warren Buffett Is Wrong on Cannabis And It's Hurting Coca-Cola's Stock

Warren Buffett, Coca-Cola, cannabis stocks

By CCN: In an interview with Fox Business, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway revealed they would not be a fan of Coca-Cola getting into the cannabis business. Munger said: “It would be a big mistake. [Coca-Cola has] got such a wholesome image and cannabis doesn’t. It’s that simple.” Buffett added: "There's something in everybody's mind in the world practically about Coca...

SpaceX Fesses Up: Mysterious 'Anomaly' Was Capsule Being Blown to Bits

elon musk spacex crew dragon anomaly

By CCN: The only thing worse for Elon Musk than a Tesla car exploding for no reason is a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule exploding to smithereens during a high-stakes test. The only thing worse than that, however, is describing the capsule’s obliteration as “an anomaly”. Nobody was aboard the Crew Dragon space capsule…this time. The question is how long NASA will permit mega-huckster Elon Musk to...

Insane Tweet Exposes How Elon Musk & Tesla Hypnotize Investors

tesla stock elon musk

By CCN: Kevin Rooke, a financial commentator with a soft spot for bitcoin, tweeted something truly bizarre this week: Tesla appears overvalued if one views it as a car company but undervalued if one views it as a tech company. If you think Tesla is a car company, it appears overvalued. If you think Tesla is a tech company, it appears undervalued. — Kevin Rooke...

Tech Analyst's Crazy $350 Apple Stock Prediction Is Dead Wrong

Apple stock

By CCN: Even prior to Apple delivering strong earnings that beat estimates, tech stock analyst Gene Munster said that Apple would rise 70% over the next two years. With today’s earnings announcement from Apple, it may initially appear that he’s right. Munster told CNBC: “There’s meaningful upside to the Apple story. I suspect that this year, Apple will be the best-performing FANG stock. I think...

Epic Fail for Google Parent Alphabet: Buy the Dip or Make a Run for It?

Google, Alphabet stock

By CCN: Quarterly earnings from Alphabet showed alarming advertising growth deceleration as well as declining ad prices. Alphabet's stock fell $95, or 7.3%, in response in after-hours trading. Does this signal the beginning of the end of the tech stock bull market or the market itself? In one respect, it provides more evidence of both scenarios and investors should be cautious. Meanwhile, Gene...

Tesla Embarrassed by Major Chinese Buyer in Giant New York Billboards for Million-Dollar 'Electromechanical Failures'

Tesla, Elon Musk

By Times Square visitors were treated to an embarrassing shellacking of Elon Musk and his Tesla clown car on Monday. Three advertisements appeared in the popular area of New York City demanding that Tesla provide Shenma, a high-end Chinese ride-hailing firm, with compensation.  Shenma is unhappy that more than 20% of the 278 Tesla cars delivered to the firm had “electro-mechanical...

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