EOSex is Creating One of The First EOS-based Exchanges. Opens Demo Trading During Crowdsale

October 25, 2018 11:28 UTC
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Most think that blockchain technology is used for trading cryptocurrencies, but this idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Blockchain technology is being used throughout many industries, to provide multiple services, such as payment processing, securing data and every expression behind sending or storing information.

Within EOSex’s infrastructure, the capacity resides with being a platform for smart contracts, as well as the deployment of DApps. In essence, EOSex is a hybrid exchange platform with a focus on security and liquidity of tokens. Providing an experience for users, where both cryptocurrencies and tokenized financial derivatives are traded.

Problems plague exchanges, and more often than not, solutions are harder to come by. By building an exchange from scratch, EOSex’s team always envisioned solutions for many of these future problems.

Some of these include:

The EOSex demo-trading platform is now open for all traders who are seeking a fresh crypto trading experience. The ability to present a functioning platform, alongside the crowdsale, has always been one of the fundamental pillars for the EOSex team, which is transparency. The crowdsale is set to end on November 20th, 2018. The official launch is set to propel the EOSex exchange onto the biggest stages.

Right now, EOSex is providing an opportunity for all the users to share and help build this revolutionary ecosystem, by showing their support and earning free EXP. EOSex is an exchange for the future, a secure and stable hybrid platform. Give our Demo a test run, and find out for yourself!

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