Atlas Protocol Partners with Contentos to Explore the Commercial Value of On-Chain Video Interactive Advertising

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Atlas Protocol (ATP) has established a partnership with Contentos (COS) to strengthen technical cooperation with blockchain content and to carry out on-chain video interactive advertising.

Atlas Protocol (ATP) is an application layer protocol of tokenized marketing that aims to build infrastructure for on-chain interactive advertising and marketing. Through Atlas Ads, the on-chain interactive advertising platform developed by Atlas Protocol, the value of on-chain interactive behavior can be analyzed to enable a new on-chain interactive ads paradigm. Atlas Protocol has raised millions of dollars from the SBCVC and others, according to reports.

By combining on-chain interactive advertising with rich video resources, Atlas Protocol aims to promote accurate marketing and content value transfers based on on-chain interactive behaviors. This helps broker the boundary of blockchain interactive advertising marketing and builds the Blockchain Advertising Traffic Alliance.

As a global public chain that carries diverse content, Contentos aims to form the foundation for a decentralized digital content ecosystem based on P2P revenue and decentralized traffic distribution, traceable copyright transactions, and immutable credit systems. With the explosion of personalized video content on the Internet, Contentos focuses on exploring the application scenarios of on-chain interactive media. It has integrated with many popular short videos and live apps to transfer content value through interaction, enabling on-chain interactive advertising to reach more users. Contentos has cooperated with many content platforms and projects, including  Cheez, LiveMe and PhotoGrid. These platforms have over 60 million monthly active users, which makes COS one of the few public chains with both products and content.

Atlas Protocol and Contentos will partner to explore the on-chain interactive value of users and content, discover the feasibility of an on-chain interactive video advertising business model, and to develop new application scenarios for blockchain technology. The promotion of a benign and open ecosystem brings new incremental growth to the overall blockchain world.