Atlantis Blue Digital Token Progress Report

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The team behind the Atlantis Blue Project has been steadily making progress and advancing its reach internationally. Here are some of the most recent development and news from Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens:

Anyone Can Make Direct Purchases

When the ICO began, Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens were only sold to market makers and large investors. This was due to the lack of manpower within the administrative department. Now, however, thanks to their recent growth, this is no longer the case and they can sell directly to everyone without fear of not processing transactions in a timely manner.

Bounty Campaign

The Atlantis Blue Project has an active bounty campaign with Bounty Guru ( to increase the count of average investors, which are so important for the dynamics of daily trade. Large investors tend to hold their tokens over long periods of time, while average investors are more dynamic, they hold some, trade a few and are more open to exchanging.

The bounty campaign has open tasks for just about everyone, from the average person to large influencers. One of the most popular is a 20% kickback in Bitcoin rebate for influencers. There are also tasks for people to participate in reddit, telegram, twitter and other channels.

Month of May Sale

The Atlantis Blue Project is offering a 20% Lumens (XLM) rebate for any direct purchase of Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens, doesn’t matter how small. This again is to support their effort of increasing smaller and average investors. Buyers must use the MAY20R rebate code whenever they make a purchase.  

Marketing Campaign in Korea

After making a push in the Hong Kong / Chinese market, ABDT is now setting its aim on Korea. They have added a Korean Advisor (Steve Lee) to help with the local efforts. Due to the strong controls in mainland China, Korea has become a major hub in the region for any coin or token that needs to have a good presence in Asia.

Japan is also an important market and therefore, the Atlantis Blue Project is actively looking for a Japanese partner or advisor to help them break into that country. Having translated their website into Korean, Chinese and Japanese will pay dividends during these campaigns.

Development of Wallet, Exchange Client and Anchor

In order to contribute to the Stellar ecosystem, the Atlantis Blue Project is 80% done with their development of, which will be a free wallet and Stellar Decentralized Exchange client. Unlike some competitors, will not impose any trading fees whatsoever to its users.

The team is also hard at work securing a payment processor partnership to make a one stop shop for all your stellar needs, including an international USD anchor. There are many features that are currently not available in any other wallets and clients that will be made available in after the beta release.

There is also the ambitious goal of making a platform where anyone of any means with a viable base structure, be it a small farmer, a fisherman or a humble mining community, will be available to launch their tokens for almost no cost in the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX).

There is a reason why some large crypto exchanges are trying to build their own decentralized exchange. The SDEX is going to be the future of crypto exchanges, it is already a place that no one controls, anyone can participate in and all can trade and exchange. Therefore, the Atlantis Blue Project believes that the Stellar Decentralized Exchange will be the actual Wall Street disruptor, not only with the accessibility to the exchange but with the fees also.

Now, there are crypto exchanges that are charging just as much as any firm in Wall Street to have a coin or token listed.  If the game was to change the financial system with inclusivity for all, why are there so many of the bad traits from big bankers present in today’s crypto community?

The Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens can be exchanged and traded on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange, along with Lumens, Mobius and other great coins and tokens.

To find out more about the Atlantic Blue Project please visit their website at

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