Atlantic Global Asset Management Offers Opportunities of Bitcoin Investments

Bitcoin Press Release: In 2016 incorporated investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management (A.G.A.M.) obtained new financial license permitting to make investments not only for private persons but also for legal entities.

In order to simplify the process of payment of dividends the fund permanently works on the implementation of different payment systems and instruments. And now every investor can make deposits in bitcoins.

President of Atlantic Global Asset Management Antonino Robalo says: “We try to move with the time”. Bitcoin crypto-currency has already become one of the standards of Trade finance performing. We offer our clients an opportunity to use it. Usability of this currency is in its absolute anonymity. Our work in different countries shows that many politicians, officers, state officials want to take advantages of work with A.G.A.M. but along with this according to legislation of their countries shall not be entitled to do business or investment activities. Using of Bitcoin crypto-currency solves a problem with tax authorities in any country. In addition to this, you do not have to use controlled bank transfer systems in which each step is necessary to confirm by the relevant documents or permits. As can be seen from the above, our USA clients will be able to work with bank in Cape Verde or our branch in any country without any problems.”

Atlantic Global Asset Management C.A. (Atlantic G.A.M., A.G.A.M.) global incorporated investment fund with main office in Cape Verde established in January 2016. Key business lines: assets and liabilities purchase and sale, rehabilitation of distressed companies, preparing companies for IPO.
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