Cryptocurrency ATB Coin Offers Investors a Crypto-Lottery for the $20.000 Grand Prize. Only 2 Days Left!

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In less than 2 days, we will congratulate ATB Coin Crypto-Lottery winners. The Grand Prize fund of $20.000 is to be shared between 5 randomly chosen investors. The process and the results of lottery will be announced on a special page on ATB Coin website. The lottery will be held at 6 p.m. on July 11th for registered users who invest a minimum 200 ATB. For each 200 ATB, the investor gets one lottery ticket. The larger the amount invested, the greater the chance to win.

Prize funds are:

  • 1st place — 10.000 ATB;
  • 2nd place — 5,000 ATB;
  • 3rd place — 3,000 ATB;
  • 4th place — 1,500 ATB;
  • 5th place — 500 ATB.

During the ICO, which still remains open today, the newly introduced cryptocurrency ATB Coin has already attracted 1700+ investors. Such an interest in this cryptocurrency is due to the numerous advantages of ATB Coin that is going to be the most secure, fast, and flexible, according to analysts. The strongest features of ATB Coin allow it to stand ahead of competition:

  • In ATB Coin POS algorithms the transactions are processed at least twice as fast as POW-based cryptocurrencies.
  • SegWit technology implements four times increase in the block size, so every ATB Coin block will be created in 2.5 minutes versus 10 minutes in POW-based currencies.
  • Transaction fees are estimated to be at least 10 times lower than POW-powered cryptocurrencies, thanks to a lack of physical mining of coins in the POS algorithm and the inclusive distribution of coins among network members.
  • SegWit increases the block size limit (which improves the network’s security) and decreases the transaction time, improving transaction malleability and allowing smart contracts and sidechains like Lightning Network.
  • Lightning Network allows for sending immediate and free transactions to one or more users in the network due to multi-signature payments and smart contracts. One Lightning Network goal is to create micropayment channels off the blockchain so users can send unlimited payments to each other.
  • The active nodes in the ATB Coin network are randomly selected and receive a daily reward for contribution to achieving the distributed consensus.
  • ATB Coin uses cryptographic algorithms to ensure blockchain integrity and the safety of users’ coins.
  • ATB Coin offers a host of proprietary characteristics, such as a lightweight wallet, cloud mining options and other features designed to make daily use convenient.

Being the one cryptocurrency combining the newest technologies, ATB Coin has all chances to overcome well-known inefficiencies within government central banks and other cryptocurrencies. Join ATB Coin, invest now in cryptocurrency of the future!