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Astro’s Playroom Proves PlayStation 5 Might Not Bet on VR After All

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:00 PM
Max Moeller
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:00 PM
  • PlayStation 5 has tons of gorgeous games coming.
  • But there’s no sign of virtual reality.
  • Could Sony be giving up on this potential game-changer?

We’ve finally seen the PlayStation 5 and its impressive variety of games. Today’s presentation was certainly a crowd-pleaser, even if it failed to address a few prevalent rumors.

However, there’s one big aside that the showcase didn’t even touch on– virtual reality.

PlayStation 5 and a Lack of VR

I’ve made bets on the PlayStation 5 taking advantage of virtual reality by featuring a sequel to PlayStation VR. After all, multiple patents are hinting at new tech, and the current headset is pretty outdated by now.

However, today’s presentation showed a ton of accessories, but nothing resembling a virtual reality headset. In fact, Astro Bot , one of PSVR’s big titles, is getting a sequel that doesn’t look very VR at all.

Could this mean Sony is moving forward without a PSVR sequel?

The only thing that even slightly resembled virtual reality is the camera. But, if you remember, the PlayStation 4 camera was meant to showcase some DualShock 4 elements alongside VR. But why show the camera and not the headset?

Virtual Reality is the real “Future of Gaming”

A future without virtual reality is the wrong way to go. Look at Half-Life: Alyx. Valve single-handedly proved that VR is viable for a full-length experience. If the PlayStation 5 is really “the future of gaming,” it should actually represent this new medium.

That’s not to mention a PSVR 2 would be a great feature to hold over Microsoft’s head. Xbox has nothing on virtual reality right now and is instead banking on subscription services and B-titles. A PlayStation VR with the PlayStation 5 SSD could turn hardcore gamers into virtual reality gamers.

PlayStation 5 Iron Man VR
Iron Man VR could be the beginning of the end for PSVR. | Source: Marvel 

There is still hope, however. So late into this generation, Sony is publishing Iron Man VR for the current headset. They can’t be doing so without giving the future some thought.

Maybe a mid-generation launch is the move here.

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