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November 21, 2013 11:34 PM UTC

Associated Press “Jumps the Gun” with Misleading Headline about FEC Decision

At this building, the FEC deadlocked 3-3 on their vote to allow Bitcoin acceptance

A recent article out of Washington on, Yahoo! Finance, HuffPost, among others by Jack Gillum of the Associated Press is really pushing the limits on journalistic leeway in the context of eye-catching title fabrication.

FEC: Donors Can’t Use Bitcoins for Contributions

Read the original article here.

What actually happened was a continued 3-3 deadlock which does not in any way opine that Bitcoins can’t be used for contributions.  In fact, a redditor close to the action has let us know that the FEC’s resounding consensus is that it will be an eventual “yes“.  It seems to me that Mr. Gillum pre-wrote an article and when the FEC did not vote down the draft decision he went and added “at least for now” to his first sentence then decided to publish.

A much better article and author can be found here.

FEC deadlocks, for now, on whether political committees can accept bitcoin

The difference between the two headlines is blatant. This is not the first time Jack Gillum has had to publish a correction for prematurely ejaculating his work.

Mainstream media is and always will be biased against Bitcoin, as they are a moneyed opinion.  Accepting this, and reading all articles with a grain of salt is a basic tenant for every Bitcoiner; failing to accept it results in unnecessary anger and frustration.  However, as a fellow journalist I still want to believe that journalistic integrity and due diligence are still part of peoples’ code.  The majority of headlines that include the word ‘Bitcoin’ have been twisted to effect the price in some way.  Of course, even Bitcoin media is guilty of this; however, what did I tell you about that grain of salt?

If you’re checking the Associated Press for up-to-date relevant Bitcoin information, then you’re many steps behind.  I suggest tuning into ccn at least once a day to catch up on daily happenings.

Have a cryptic day, mis amigos.


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