Ask Libertarian Film Makers about Bitcoin and the Media

Calvin Tran @@clvnthbld
April 24, 2014
Calvin Tran

[dropcap size=small]H[/dropcap]ello, I’m Calvin Tran, the media producer here at CCN. I’ll be down in California this weekend to take part in the Foundation for Economic Education’s Seminar: Big Ideas on the Big Screen. In conjunction with the Moving Picture Institute, this seminar will feature a variety of speakers and lectures, workshops and film makers from around the world. What’s even better is that many of them, libertarians, will be familiar with Bitcoin.


With the films Life on Bitcoin and The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, which premieres tonight at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, the cryptocommunity is at the beginnning of widespread media exposure and that is why I wanted to open this opportunity to you guys:

Send me questions to ask, at my email: There will be icons like CCN’s correspondent Naomi Brockwell, otherwise known as The Bitcoin Girl, to film makers like Nick Tucker and Chandler Tuttle.

While I understand that many of the cryptocommunity are not libertarians, it is essential to understand that libertarians have certainly taken up the cause of promoting and growing Bitcoin, both in development and in marketing/media presence. That is why it is so essential to work together where we can communicate and open up ideas together.

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