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Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the code: "CCN+Hacked". Sign up here.

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I’m pleased to introduce you ARNA PANACEA. It is blockchain expert system designed to address the pains of modern healthcare: lack of integration of data between providers, low trust between patients and providers, and providing confidential patient data for robust computer analysis. ARNA PANACEA is not the first system of this kind: there are many systems around the world that aim reaching the same goal, but fail to develop traction sufficient for growing the market place. ARNA PANACEA competitive advantage lies not in the technology itself, but it the strategy of deployment.

The first step of deployment of ARNA PANACEA will happen in the narrowly defined market niche, were advantages of the blockchain technology are magnified by combination of disease structure and customer need. It is early cancer diagnostics. And principally, early diagnostic of breast cancer. The most painful issues of oncology diagnostics is population-wide lack of trust towards “formal” evidence-based diagnostics and treatments. The most striking example is the rising of self-treatment and alternative medicine movement. Thousands of new cancer patients intentionally disregard medical advice and keep practicing clinically unproven methods.

After 10 years of scientific research ARNA Genomics founders developed proprietary technological platform of liquid biopsy based on several breakthroughs, ranging from unique proprietary method of DNA amplification from the whole blood to defining the set of cancer DNAs, detection of which leads to confident diagnosis. We have developed and validated in lab setting the efficiency of product that we call the “ARNA BC” – breast cancer test, based on the analysis of free-circulating DNA in human blood plasma. Lab sensitivity and specificity of ARNA BC are both close to 95% rate. What this means is that ARNA BC currently doesn’t even have any close competition in terms of its efficiency among any other available or in-development tests.

ARNA is fully equipped to obtain all necessary formal approvals from FDA and other regulatory authorities, however, we recognize the most acute pain of modern healthcare that is diminishing trust between general public and the official healthcare regulation system. Even if we formally register ARNA BC, many of you, our backers, will have doubts on its efficacy and validity. Hence at the second stage of our project we bring to you and to the rest of the world ARNA Panacea, the blockchain expert system that will make possible for people to personally validate healthcare technologies. We are excited by the power and elegance of synergy between ARNA BC test and ARNA Panacea platform and explain this synergy in detail in this White Paper.

We have a world-class scientific team. With a modest budget of founder/angel investment we have completed conceptual design and initial scientific validation of our inventions. Today we aim to sell USD 40 million worth of ARNA Tokens during this Token Distribution Event. The tokens are to be exchanged for future diagnostics services provided by ARNA, while the proceeds of this digital crowdfunding event will be used over next 4 years to validate and deploy ARNA innovations.

We envision ARNA Panacea platform to eventually spread far beyond validating healthcare technologies and storing patient data. The system is expected to unite and serve the entire marketplace of global healthcare by providing multiple benefits to all stakeholders. The first working release of ARNA Panacea is planned for the middle of 2018. Technologically speaking, the key engineering innovation ARNA PANACEA offers is machine blinding that will remove the threat of selection bias. Of course, GIGO problem remains with the scary images of corrupt technician mislabeling the blinded test-tubes or sloppy lady misreporting her health status. Still, these scary actions can only destroy the reputation of the technique, not to make misleading statement of its validity. Also, the treachery and sloppiness will remain immutably recorded: the mere thought of it will prevent many cases of treachery and sloppiness.

Dear Backer, I thank you once again and hope to meet you soon personally and invite you to join us in ARNA Genomics TDE. Let’s find the better way together!

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