ARK Announces Details of Their Core v2 Codebase and Testing Period

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The mainstream adoption of Blockchain technology is at its infancy. However, as we continue to progress into a hyperconnected world, blockchain solutions such as ARK are helping to revolutionise the modern world.

ARK aims to make it easy to create your own blockchain. Everyone can use and benefit from ARK and it serves as an all in one blockchain solution and an entry point in the blockchain space.

ARK is approaching a groundbreaking milestone, with the announcement details and release of their Core v2 Codebase. The public is welcomed to test the codebase on DevNet, so enthusiast worldwide are offered a glimpse of what is on the horizon.

ARK Co-Founder Travis Walker stated:

“We have completely rewritten our core to make it faster, more scalable, more modular, easier to work with and some great new features. Such as Dynamic Fees and Multisig support. This rewrite has been months in the making and we are very proud to show the world what the next level of DPoS can do!”

Most of the community are familiar with ARK’s motto “ARK Gives No Dates” and this latest release needs coordination with those running DevNet delegates and relay nodes. Anyone running a DevNet node needs to be on board and prepared prior to release. ARK is certainly prepared and here is a run down of the steps lead up to the coming months.

Release of ARK Core v2 Codebase

The first port of call is to release the ARK Core v2 code on their public GitHub repository. This will be coupled with a detailed blog post on the date outlined for public release. This repository will be available at: In turn, the current ARK Node codebase will not be maintained and will be replaced with the new ARK Core v2 repository.

Preparations and installation of ARK Core on DevNet

DevNet nodes on the current codebase will need to update their servers with ARK Core v2. ARK will of course release an in-depth guide outlining how to install and replace your current ARK Node on DevNet. Users will benefit from an easy to install new Core which is now supported by different Operating Systems, including Windows.

When the public testing of ARK Core v2 commences, the fun begins. Testers are encouraged to scrutinise and try their best to stress, attack and pick holes in the whole dev network. The public testing will reveal issues, report bugs and provide improvements to the code. Ultimately, the platform will become more refined and even easier to use after such testing. Resulting in a stable foundation for MainNet release.

Transition from DevNet to MainNet

Once testing is complete, ARK will outline another date which will announce the transition of the ARK Core v2 to the MainNet. Predicting a date for the MainNet is very unlikely, and it is dependable on how the testing process goes and how many issues are raised. Indeed, running on a controlled TestNet is an entirely different task compared to a live environment.

AIP-11 Hardfork

Following the initial v2 release running on the MainNet, AIP-11 types (timelock, multipayments, IPFS, delegate resignation) will be part of a hardfork. AIP-11 will require all delegates to update in order for the network to switch and support the new transaction to go through. This hardfork will not be backwards compatible and again, it will be tested on the DevNet beforehand.

The timing of the AIP-11 hardfork is also dependable on the initial ARK Core v2 update onto the MainNet. This is of course contingent on what changes and improvements are to be made. The testing for the hardfork is set to start as soon as possible on DevNet after v2 is running on MainNet.

The  ARK Core v2 codebase will become available on: Thursday, the 14th of June 2018,

To find out more on ARK’s exciting new chapter visit the website. The ARK team is encouraging the world to participate in their testing which is set to introduce a groundbreaking new platform, so join the community now!