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Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber’s Song is an Infuriating Charity Misfire

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:54 PM
Kate Prince
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:54 PM
  • Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber’s song “Stuck With U” has arrived, but it’s just an insult to the cause.
  • Popstars frequently encourage others to donate, but don’t they realize how hypocritical it is?
  • The stars want to donate proceeds to First Responders Children’s Foundation, but millions of Americans are out of jobs.

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber have come together to release a sicky sweet track in a bid to do something charitable for the cause . While I can’t disagree that the cause seems noble, it feels like an underwhelming attempt at charity from two of the world’s biggest popstars. Who doesn’t want to see the First Responders Children’s Foundation get a boost? But is this really the right way to go about it?

Kids of frontline staff deserve to have opportunities presented to them, but is releasing a song really the best way to provide a healthy cash injection? My issue isn’t with Justin and Ariana’s track (although it’s not going to win any awards), but with the premise in general.

Ariana and Justin Should Donate More and Ask Less

Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber are worth an estimated $360 million dollars combined. That’s a heck of a lot of money. Sure, they may not be able to tour or perform at the moment, but something tells me they’re going to be okay until the economy kickstarts again. Meanwhile, millions of people across the world face unemployment in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Is it really the right time to be asking fans to buy a single to help others?

Twitter reacts to Ariana and Justin's song
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Both Ariana and Justin have donated some of their money to help those in dire straights due to the global crisis , which I highly applaud them for. Their bank balances are fat because of their fanbases, so it’s only right that they give back.

I just can’t help but feel that fundraising headed up by celebrities is a cause that should be rethought. I feel the same way about televised events. These are designed to part average earners from their cash because they feel guilty. Who wouldn’t when shown heartbreaking images of dying children?

This Type of Fundraising is Outdated

Ariana Grande
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Why is it acceptable for stars richer than our wildest dreams to actively encourage others to part with their cash? Surely the first point of call for Ariana and Justin should be to contact everyone in their A-list circles and ask them to donate a million or two. After all, in most cases, this equates to less than one per cent of their net worth. Wouldn’t this be a better way to drum up funds than dropping a track for the thirsty masses? That’s like taking candy from a baby and seems a little underhanded.

I’m sure plenty will disagree, but the rich taking from the poor to give to the poor is outdated. It’s high time that we look at the ethics behind these “charity singles” and wonder what we are really buying into. Is it a good cause, or are we just suckers for a guilt trip when it’s touted by a recognizable face?

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