Are Millennials and Crypto our Future?

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How millennials are changing the way we think about ASKfm

Millennials enthusiastically support advanced technologies and are fueling the most innovative of them.  A great example of this is the blockchain. People between 20 and 35 years of age feel at home in crypto, giving this industry power and new ways to evolve.

There are five major reasons the crypto world is such a comfortable place for millennials:

  •   Good knowledge of technologies;
  •   Being social when getting information;
  •   Preference for integrated services;
  •   Trust in tech instead of organizations;
  •   High adaptability and flexibility.

Let’s explore these points in depth and try to discover how millennials push businesses into crypto and why ASKfm 2.0 will be a perfect match for them.

They Have Digital Technology at their Fingertips

Millennials grew up surrounded by digital technology, and they intuitively know how to use it. Ordinary things are usually done with devices, it feels absolutely natural for this generation. In the future, there’ll definitely be fewer problems one cannot solve using a smartphone.  Crypto’s a part of said future.

Crypto doesn’t only help solve problems, but creates new opportunities. Being pragmatic and very digitally literate persons, millennials welcome the latest innovations, expanding experiences and are happy to utilize new ways of money making. The concept of ASKfm 2.0, being on the cutting edge of social demands, is to provide it’s users with the possibility to find answers to their questions and get rewarded for providing quality information.

They Get Information in a New Way

Previously, to get information the default action was to google it. How do people act nowadays? They ask questions on social media. Among hundreds of friends, won’t there certainly be one or two educated or experienced experts who can help?

ASKfm 2.0 provides the possibility to reach more people than on ordinary social media, and get answers faster. In addition, it’ll build an expert community where competent people in particular areas can share information and get rewarded for it.

They Want to Have Everything in One Place

Integrated systems, not requiring multiple logins with various services, on one platform — this is definitely the future for people who prefer not spending too much time googling around. Blockchain, the underlying technology of crypto, allows us to easily bring together different functionality. One can have different kinds of services all using the same token system and providing users with a smooth and familiar experience without having to reach anywhere else. For example, initially ASKfm 2.0 will provide a Q&A platform as well as a tutoring and courses system, all integrated – and more related services can be easily added on top.

They Believe in Decentralized Systems

Self-regulated projects with transparent and independent economies are something millennials believe in. People don’t believe governments and bureaucrats, but technology is incomparably more trustworthy. Open-source, decentralized blockchains are being chosen by millennials as it caters to their tastes.

They Have High Adaptability and Don’t Fear Risk

Despite the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, millennials see it as a trustworthy field. It seems they’re in a good position to assume the risk of an industry because it’s a space with both high risk and rapid growth, where growth is considered worth the risk, which they don’t really fear. Millennials have grown accustomed to instability and uncertainty in life, that’s why they’re more adaptive and feel less stress when interacting with volatile fields.

Dynamically changing and constantly evolving areas are places millennials feel comfortable, as users and contributors. ASKfm 2.0 is such a place.