AppCoins Protocol Allows Direct Rewards to Users for Attention and In-App Purchases


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Every significant disruption often serves as an eye-opener to the affected community, rendering previous systems redundant and exposing existing flaws therein.

Google play and the Apple store have been the darlings of commercial apps society until Blockchain technology is now leading the community to more efficient and cost effective ways for developers and app users to enjoy more benefits of the industry.

The bane of middlemen

Such platforms as mentioned above and other non-popular systems have served as intermediaries between app developers and users, playing roles of interfaces that permit end users to download and use these apps while charging fees for the services they render. Apparently, the cost of these services are borne by the developers and users as they are implicated into the billing fabric.

Eliminating middlemen is a trademark characteristic of Blockchain technology and this is enabled by bringing everyone who is involved in a given project, either as a developer of a user to a common platform where they can interact directly and share value at the minimal cost.

AppCoins is no different as it is a protocol that is designed with the goal of creating a transparent and trustworthy app economy where users can directly access the app stores without unnecessary middlemen. This protocol creates a shared ecosystem among all app stores, aiming to be a game changer in the industry, making all processes more transparent and more profitable for anyone involved, from developer to the end user and even the manufacturers.

A new system emerges

The AppCoins protocol is aimed at replacing the existing CPI (Cost Per Installation) system with a more effective CPA (Cost Per Attention) system. This innovation will eliminate middlemen and allow the developer to reward users directly, for spending a minimum of 2 minutes inside the app. It will also discourage the the rude advertising systems of mostly unwanted pop-ups on user platforms.

The system will also allow rewards earned by users to be stored in their wallets and will be available to use for In-App purchases. Also, not only will acquiring new users be cheaper than before, but developers will get 85% share of what users spend on in-game purchases, comparing to the existing 70%.

An existing marketplace

The creators of AppCoins, Aptoide have one of the largest app stores worldwide dedicated to the users of Android-powered devices. This is an automatically huge market that world provide an implementation environment for the AppCoin tokens. With over 12,000 developers and 200 million users signed up, Aptoide app store has witnessed over 4 billion app downloads, and it has entered into partnerships with some of the leading mobile phone manufacturers. Its global presence as an Android marketplace has given the App Store valuable insights with regard to the needs of the current app store model, leading it to develop a solution that could bring unforeseen value to users, developers and manufacturers.

The growth of mobile technology is powered by the app economy. The Android platform has proved itself as one of the most important innovations of the era of mobile technology. Combining this system with the emerging blockchain technology is an innovation whose benefits would apparently know no limits.

Efficiency, cost effectiveness, trust and transparency are fundamental elements that are needed in the emerging tech markets. Combining these elements with the  market spread offered by Aptoide, and the the liquidity and flexibility of the AppCoin tokens presents the ecosystem with a solution that will be embraced by all.

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