Apex Legends Leak Finally Reveals First Look at…Crypto!

A fresh leak has unveiled the first look at popular battle royale shooter Apex Legends’ upcoming legend, dubbed rather fittingly for us here at, Crypto.

Photos surreptitiously snapped during a closed-doors Game Stop Manager’s Conference held on Aug. 25 appeared on Reddit late yesterday, courtesy of Redditor Teves3D.


Source: Teves3D/Reddit

Clad in an off-white and neon green coat, Crypto has a variety of pipes and unspecified devices adorning his person and is accompanied by a drone that matches his color scheme, complementing the sense that his in-game kit focuses on gadgets.

A previous Apex Legends leak purporting to show Crypto had him sporting dreadlocks making this freshest glimpse quite a departure with a cleaner cut hair-style.

As to the specifics of his Apex Legends kit, the picture provides very extra little insight, but data mined from the game unveiled what we can expect and it’s all very drone and hacking focused.

Titan Fall 2-inspired Charge Rifle

Source: Teves3D/Reddit

As well as the full-size concept art for Crypto’s character model, Teves3D also provides a picture of what appears to be a new weapon called the Charge Rifle. As with other existing Apex Legends weapons, it draws heavily from a similar anti-Titan cannon found in Titan Fall 2 that charges up a beam before hurtling it towards enemies.

Special Apex Legend Halloween-Themed Gibraltar Skin

Source: Teves3D/Reddit

A final snap shows a new Halloween skin for legend Gibraltar that turns him into a zombie-Frankenstein’s monster hybrid of sorts. The consensus among Reddit users is that the skin suggests developer Respawn is preparing a special Apex Legends Halloween event, or a selection of themed cosmetics will go on sale to mark the occasion.

As of writing, there’s no official word from EA or Respawn on when Crypto lands in Apex Legend’s King’s Canyon, but previous legend drop patterns point towards the start of Season 3 sometime in October.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 12:55 PM

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