Everyday consumers save various mileage points in market activities such as airline mileage, credit card points etc. Every platform says the user can use the saved points like cash, but it doesn’t make sense. For it’s hard to save a valid amount during a short expiration date, and each platform has its own different mileage policies.

So in South Korea 1.2 billion dollar amount points only in credit card and mobile business discarded user could apply for practical usage. Korean financial department estimates over 1 trillion mileage point discarded every year.

What if could we store the points safe regardless of the expiration due? And what if could we consolidate each mileages from distinct platforms into a single one for practical use like cash? A Korean business group is constructing All Point Pay platform with blockchain technology, troubleshooting the old fashioned mileage policies, consolidating for cash like usage ability and asset exchange.

Korean Entertainment Company “Kings Commerce” signed MOU with “All Point Pay”, the American finance firm. These two companies are now developing a unified mileage platform with the technology of decentralized blockchain ledger and unique mobile wallet of sharding various mileage point as one. And Kings Commerce constructs one point Platform with various service partners, including the fields of the restaurant, wedding consulting, concert ticket box, travel & hotel reservation, online shopping, etc.

Critical technology of All Point Pay business is a unique & efficient application idea of Blockchain technology of 4th industrial revolution. The platform business process is based on on-time sales data gathering technology (POS, Point of Sales). The business gathers the partners trade data of real-time, gives blockchain ledger tag for safe storing in private wallet. Blockchain application for user mileage is using sharding process on the portal of consolidating points to one through “Bridge”. By this process, user can use the unified point of blockchain platform’s partner services and asset exchange.

Official website: https://allpointpay.com/

Official blog: https://blog.naver.com/allpointpay

Official twitter: https://twitter.com/allpointpay

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