Anybits Launches, Provides Instant Altcoin Trades


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Signing up to an exchange can often prove to be daunting affair. It is often accompanied by multiple stages of verification and providing various forms of identity. Then there’s the waiting game, which can be off-putting to the uninitiated who may hold some Bitcoin or Ethereum and are simply seeking an exchange.

While you wait, the value of your cryptocurrency could either plummet and rocket as you grip your phone and smash the refresh button awaiting the almighty final stage verification email or tick to appear, granting you access to the exchange you so patiently waited for.

Making a loss on anything but your own judgement and speculation is a tough bullet to swallow and nobody wants to lose value…just simply waiting to be able to trade.

This is a difficult and tough market, responses and decisions need to happen as quickly as you need them to, not when your exchange allows you.

The answer to this problem has arrived, and it’s called Anybits. Introduced at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Kiev, Ukraine in early October, the Ireland based company, now an exclusive sponsor of the conference, is an exchange platform dealing in the most popular Cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin, Bitcoincash, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ripple and many more being traded.

Powered and managed by, the reputable backing from the crypto-to-fiat exchange giant is already propelling Anybits to higher heights, which has set the skeptical minds to rest. Now the fastest growing altcoin exchange with real-time trading, Anybits is set to explode with new crypto assets.

Designed for pure ease-of-use, accessibility and compatibility across all mobile platforms, trade whenever you like from wherever you are and make instantaneous transactions after a lightning fast and extraordinarily simple registration process.

Users can also benefit from a generous affiliate programme offering up to a 50% commission on referrals. Further to this, the platform will offer margin trading and portfolio diversifying trading options when the platform has fully launched.

Using cold storage, Anybits properly protects funds and transactions. Additional security measures for accounts can also be implemented by users, just as easily as they could when they registered.

And for the tech-heads out there, Anybits has a rich suite of APIs, allowing developers to seamlessly integrate their own developed cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Here’s the interesting part, to those still sceptical of the platform…for a limited time Anybits is offering a ZERO transaction fee membership until the end of 2017. In order to take advantage of this and see for yourself just how quickly you can begin trading, head to and enter promotion code: H9F27D1V at the time of registration.

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