Angry Bitcoin Users Destory iPhones Over Apple’s Blockchain Ban

Neil Sardesai @@neilsardesai
February 7, 2014
The remains of a destroyed iPhone 4S

Just yesterday, Apple pulled’s wallet app from the App Store without any clear reason. This was the last remaining wallet app on the App Store, and its removal annoyed quite a lot of Apple users. Some expressed mild to moderate disapproval over twitter.

Others however, seem to be so utterly pissed off that they’ve smashed their iPhones in protest.

Reddit user “round-peg” posted on r/bitcoin that for every 100 upvotes, he/she will gift someone a Nexus 5 for a video of him/her smashing his/her iPhone. Because destroying the $200+ device you paid for since someone on the Internet told you to is apparently a completely sane and rational thing to do. That’ll sure show Apple.

Personally, I’m a fan of Apple products, but I dislike their anti-Bitcoin stance. However, I’m not going to go smashing up my phone because Apple pulled an app that I like from the App Store. That’s insane. My phone is jailbroken, so I can bypass Apple’s restrictive App Store while still enjoying the iPhone’s unique features. Furthermore, the official Blockchain app is available on Cydia, the App Store-equivalent for jailbroken phones, so iPhone users can still get the Blockchain app by simply jailbreaking their devices. Plus, if I really wanted to switch to Android, I would sell my iPhone, not destroy it. It just seems like a really silly thing to do and reflects poorly on the Bitcoin community. It portrays Bitcoin users as childish and myopic.

If you want to see Blockchain back on the App Store, try petitioning Apple like a sane person. And if you really don’t want to use an iPhone anymore, sell it and get a different phone with the money, instead of relying on the promise of a free phone from a total Internet stranger.

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