Ananas Foundation Is Building Knowledge Graphs of Belief Systems Within the Blockchain

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Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the code: "CCN+Hacked". Sign up here.

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Ananas Foundation is building knowledge graphs of belief systems within the blockchain and launched their token sale 20th November for Anacoin.

The Ananas Foundation, a UK-registered charity, aims to utilize cutting-edge technologies and scientific advances for societal good. Imagine having a knowledge graph that produces a live Quran to tackle extremism and Islamophobia, or, a U.S Second Amendment to review,  a truly living Bible, Torah, and/or indigenous belief systems. That’s what Ananas’ technology will allow. Their aim is to create a platform leveraging blockchain technology that empower individuals and communities to map their own belief systems. Ananas will use this universal platform to foster peace and increase knowledge diversity amongst ideological communities.

At the core of Ananas is a strong community from a wide range of backgrounds, that includes a team from Oxford, UCL, Imperial, and Stanford, with experiences in AI, data science, cognitive science,fintech, counter extremism, ethical building,international relations, and more. The foundation has attracted a lot of international press for their work around peace through technology. Ananas is also working with partners such as Chainstarter, an ethical ICO platform, to help foster a secure token allocation delivery. Using cryptocurrency and AI, they are building a unique platform, and creating a revolution in how we share and engage with the beliefs and knowledge upon which we construct our respective identities. This will culminate in the world’s most reliable and comprehensive resource of subjective knowledge for ideological frameworks in religion, culture, politics and beyond.

The key to Ananas is our cryptocurrency token, the Anacoin. Anacoins have been designed to increase in value as the value of the platform increases to the global community, with decreasing supply and increasing demand as more communities join the platform. The Anacoin is tied to the framework of the Ananas platform and is used as a foundation for rewarding contributors.

With the increase of hate within the media and society, the Ananas team is working to use cutting-edge technology, to create peace and understanding for all.

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