American Public Museum Starts Accepting Bitcoin

November 21, 2013

This just in from Reddit, an American public museum called the Museum of the Coastal Bend has started accepting Bitcoin for donations, admissions, and at their gift store.  Personally, I am surprised that an American museum is the first place that such an innovation would occur and I hope for many copycats around the world shortly.  If you check the wallet, it seems that they have had four visitors/donations in the past day.

I first saw this story on Reddit and found more information in a Google search.

Yesterday, /u/mcbcurator announced on Reddit that the Museum of the Coastal Bend in Victoria, TX is the first public museum to accept Bitcoin.  A little digging reveals that /u/mcbcurator is in fact one Eric Ray: the Curator at the Museum of the Coastal Bend in Victoria, TX.

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