Ambit: The Next Generation Mining Infrastructure Announces Token Pre-Sale Beginning 10th April 2018

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Ambit Mining has just announced their pre-sale event is imminent, beginning on the 10th of April, 2018. Additionally, participants taking part in the pre-sale can claim up to 20% bonus on their purchases.

Ambit mining is a fully developed infrastructure company, Ambit technology utilizes cloud performance and hosting services. Ambit has a wide array of experience hosting services and using cloud performance. This all makes for a well rounded and successful mining operation, one that has already constructed 1 MW diversified mining facility in the Tbilisi free economic zone and a 5 MW hosting facility, which has achieved 100% ROI in just 5 months.

Continuing their efforts from their already successful project, Ambit now aims to scale the operation to over 20 MW and put forward an invitation for mining enthusiasts to join the Ambit mining family.

The Ambit team’s experience has proven useful over time, as they have now secured integral partnerships with leading hardware manufacturers and companies that will allow a smooth and successful mining operation.

The Ambit Agenda

Green Electricity is important to the Ambit family as all of the Ambit mining units are powered by 100% renewable hydro energy, this ensures a low cost operation and keeps the green electricity supply at only 5 cents per kWh.

The Ambit mining farm is located in Tbilisi, Georgia. This is one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world, with green electricity and favorable government regulations.

The Ambit mining company has already built a 1 MW diversified farm in Georgia, this farm generated over 1.3 million USD profit in a year. The team aims to harness this opportunity and expand their operations and share the profits with the community.

The technology at Ambit is like none other, this has seen the company secure major mining manufacturers. In addition, they will install cutting edge cooling and wiring solutions in the future, all with the aim to optimize costs and ensure maximum profitability.

Token Holder Benefits

Token holders will be entitled to a profit share from the Ambit mining and hosting operations, which will be paid out bi-weekly in ETH at a pro-rata basis. Ambit will provide an opportunity for users to diversify the risk involved by investing in the mining infrastructure. Since the farm will be mining with both ASICs as well as GPUs, the income is never dependable on one particular mining algorithm.

Token holders will also benefit from a community that is driven by business and that is equally decentralized, so Ambit is releasing 85% of total supply of tokens, to the public sales.

In case of sale of assets like ASICs or GPUs, when they become outdated, the proceeds will be paid out to token holders at a pro-rata basis. Token holders will also gain access to voting rights for the platform, which means that they will be able to have input on certain business decisions, when it comes to innovation and improvement of the Ambit operations.

The Ambit Token Event

The Ambit token generation event will start early April and the main sale will begin in mid-April. Pre-sale participants will be able to secure a 20% bonus on their purchases and the token price at issue will be equivalent to 0.5 USD, depending on the date of acquisition.

The Team

The Ambit team and advisors have a wide variety of experience and knowledge to bring into the space, experienced professionals such as; Beka Vashakidze CEO and co-founder,  who has built and managed previous mining operation, Kay Khemani CEO of and former executive director of Goldman Sachs, Miguel Palenica CIO of Qtum, Nodar Kolmakhidze CIO of Cindicator, Davit Mrelashvili Region lead of ZenCash, Hitesh Juneja Chief Marketing Officer at SPECTRE and Andrii Matiukhin Chief Technical Director at Hacken.

About Ambit

Ambit Mining believes in the community and the decentralization revolution, the ambit ethos behind the concept of cryptocurrencies. In order to stay true to these beliefs and the promise of decentralization they decided to offer the vast majority of out tokens to the public, while the remaining tokens will be spent on the team, advisors and bounty program.

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