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Amazon’s Insane PS Plus Deal Will Stack You up Beyond PlayStation 5

  • Amazon selling 12-month PS Plus membership for less than $25.00.
  • That’s half the usual list price and the lowest we’ve seen it.
  • Stocking up now lines up subscribers for the PlayStation 5 launch and beyond.

It looks like the Black Friday deals have come early this year. Amazon currently has a listing for a digital code for full twelve months of PlayStation Plus membership for less than $25.00.

The Cheapest PS Plus Deal We’ve Seen

Normally, Amazon sells the same digital code for $59.99. The hefty discount almost feels to good to be true or an error on Amazon’s part. Rest assured, it’s real.

To give you an idea of how good the deal is: the subscription usually costs slightly shy of $10 a month. The price stands among the lowest we’ve ever seen it.

From what we understand, only US PlayStation Network account holders can redeem the code. The deal can be purchased in territories around the world with the notable exception of Europe.

Source: Amazon

Free Games & Multiplayer

For less than half the cost of a day-one AAA release, the PlayStation Plus deal gives you access to the online multiplayer component of PlayStation titles, exclusive PlayStation Store discounts, and a selection of free PlayStation 4 games every month.

The games are obviously the main appeal, especially as Sony has been blowing it out of the water as of late. In recent months, we’ve had The Last of Us, Nioh, and Batman: Arkham Knight. The beauty of the subscription is that as long as you keep it live, the games are yours to keep and play whenever you want.

Source: PS Plus

PlayStation 5 Launch & Beyond

With Sony’s next console slated for launch around this time next year, buying a year or two through the deal will stack you up beyond the launch of the PlayStation 5. At this price, it’s worth purchasing multiple years. We’d be surprised if there’s a remotely similar deal anytime soon, even with Black Friday just around the corner.

We’re not sure how long the deal runs for, so jump in earlier rather than later if interested.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:16 PM

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