The Australian online shop for consumer electronics, Millennius, has shared some amazing results with us today. Millennius that started to accept Bitcoin 6 months ago says that Bitcoin buyers are now their most valuable customers. Bitcoin purchases have surpassed purchases in AUD and keep gaining traction.

Millennius was the first Australian online retailer that started to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin in June 2013. Their first data from six months with Bitcoin and Litecoin transactions shows that Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency.

Millennius founder Pierre Boutros says:

“We opened up our payment options to both Bitcoin and Litecoin, and so far 98 percent of our cryptocurrency payments have been in Bitcoin.”

“But what’s really exciting from a retail point of view is that customers using Bitcoin are purchasing more in dollar terms in each transactions than any other form of payment method.“

What is purchased with Bitcoin?

In the last six months, mobile phones proved to be the most popular Bitcoin purchase from Millennius.

The founder Pierre Boutros continues:

“At Millennius, we believe in the future of cryptocurrency as a complement to existing payment options available.

Boutros also highlights that Bitcoin sales have not been involved in any fraudulent transaction like its credit card alternatives.

“Cryptocurrency has helped negotiate fraud down to zero percent, helping us safely expand our reach to a global audience.“

This is mind-blowing results giving Bitcoin a right to exist.

Millennius is organizing the next Melbourne Bitcoin Meetup that will address the topic “Bitcoin Accepting Merchants”. They hope it will enable more businesses to start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.

View Millennius’ infographic below:

millennius bitcoin retailer

Bitcoin vs. Litecoin Transactions
Bitcoin vs. Litecoin Transactions

bitcoin battling fraud

bitcoin abandonment

global btc millennius Pierre Boutros