Altcoin ADZCoin Releases Visitor & Publisher-Friendly Tool To Support Ad Revenue

December 26, 2016 14:03 UTC

An altcoin called ADZCoin has released a free tool, ADZbuzz, which counteracts ad blocking software and ensures websites continue to receive ad revenue. The “ublock adblocker” centralizes ad campaigns into a pay-per-click shopping engine that pays publishers, ensuring they get paid without banning visitors that use an ad blocker.

“Publishers lose billions of dollars every year because of ad blocking software,” a spokesperson for ADZbuzz Ltd. said in a prepared statement. “The new ad blocker will solve this costly problem, which is estimated at more than $22 billion.”

Engine Supports Ad Revenue

The pay-per-click shopping engine works similarly to the way Google generates ad revenues. The revenue is used to pay publishers who add a simple script to their website that provides a link to the shopping portal.

“So essentially, all ads get replaced by one link, and this link ensures publishers get paid,” the ADZbuzz spokesperson said. “This can be considered an additional revenue stream for publishers without needing to ban people that use an ad blocker.”

After installing the ad blocker, users can surf the internet 100 percent ad-free. They can also support their favorite publishers—all while saving money on ADZbuzz’s shopping portal.

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Publishers And Advertisers Benefit

Publishers, for their part, can install the WP plugin or script on their websites and earn revenue, just like they would with regular ads.

For advertisers, the ad blocker will continue to allow them to stand out amongst the competition and build their reputations while advertising where it makes the most sense to do so.

ADZCoin’s market cap was $1,686.377; 1,938 BTC as of Thursday, according to The 24-hour volume as $3,193; 3.67 BTC. Its available supply was 50,496 ADZ and its maximum supply is 84 million ADZ.

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