Alinity Is Back in the Hot Seat After a Controversial Old Clip Goes Viral

Twitch streamer Alinity responds after going viral because of some controversial comments she made in a stream in 2018.
Alinity Twitch old clip
Alinity can't seem to escape her past. | Source: Twitch
  • Twitch streamer Alinity finds herself in hot water after an old clip goes viral.
  • Twitter users posted controversial comments the streamer made in 2018, discussing cheating in relationships.
  • Alinity responded to the video, saying that it was her way of “projecting my insecurities.”

Twitch streamer Alinity found herself the target of abuse and vitriol after an old clip from one of her streamers went viral.

In 2018 video, reposted on May 20 by a Twitter user named JordanPooleWrld, Alinity said that when men are in relationships but are attracted to other women, it amounts to “cheating.”

However, when a woman is attracted to other men, it suggests that she’s not getting something from her relationship. Many picked holes in Alinity’s logic, calling the streamer “less intelligent,” among other, more strongly-worded things.

Alinity wonders why an old clip of hers has become so popular. | Source: Twitter

The video has 1.8 million views, confirming its viral status. No one is calling for Alinity to be banned over this, the way they were after Pokimane’s NSFW accident last week. But it is being used to criticize her.

Is Alinty’s Clip Too Old to Matter?

Alinity was confused about why the video is causing controversy. The streamer tweeted:

It was me projecting my insecurities about being cheated on, and a dumb thing to say.

Twitch users had mixed responses. Some thought that it was so far in the past that it should be forgotten. Others kept bringing up the Alinity animal abuse allegations when the streamer threw her cat during a stream.

The controversy highlights the frustrations of being a popular streamer. Twitch clips and YouTube compilations of streamer moments can all help a creator become popular. But they can also be used against them.

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