Airfio Announced Pre-ICO Sale – A New Crypto Banking Era Has Begun

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The motive behind Airfio: Virtual currency should be as easy as fiat currency that is accessible by everyone including a person with very low income”.

Airfio - the crypto bank has begun a new era in the blockchain industry with AI. Neural language utilizes machine learning process & behavior based algorithm which understand user’s comportment and respond to their query accordingly.

The company has recently announced its Pre-ICO sale which begins on 16th November 2017 and will end on 20th November 2017 where Airfio has allotted 1 million tokens during 5 days of its Pre-ICO.

Why Airfio is focusing on integrating AI?

Comprehending the fact that crypto users always demand instant confirmation & transformation, Airfio brings AI to understand & analyze users based on their query and respond them in no time in a more effective way. Cryptocurrency transactions are soaring rapidly & outstrips the traditional monetary system.

Since, 80% of investors, traders and business entities are more focused and concerned with virtual transactions, it is absolutely essential to streamline the process of blockchain technology & digital currencies.

Airfio with thorough research on present virtual transactions has escorted the AI expedition. Unifying artificial intelligence under present blockchain based transactions, Airfio is aimed to reduce the confirmation time, solve user’s query instantaneously and apparently offer borderless transactions.

It is presenting few advanced applications & products that are based on AI technology. Airfio believe that “Virtual currency should be as easy as fiat currency that is accessible by everyone including a person with very low income”. To attain this motive, it is presenting its own coin “ARF COIN” which is built to be utilized by everyone in row.

Products that’re introducing by Airfio

  • ARF Coin: ARF coin is an exclusive launch from Airfio which cohesive with an ability to facilitate every user access it anywhere of the world.
  • Assistant Application: It is the smart application from Airfio which runs as user’s personal manager and guides him all the way possible to complete crypto transactions without any hurdles.  
  • Visa Card: The card is designed to enable all the users access ARF coin easily & globally. Airfio has proposed its plan of launching this card in Q4 2018.
  • ATM machines: ATM machines of Airfio is its future plan that will be launching eventually by 2022.  With this facility, ARF users can easily, invest, spend and transfer funds.
  • Mining Application: The first ever innovation in a crypto world is the mining application which runs on mobile technology to verify the crypto transactions.
  • SDK: Software Development Kit is explicitly introduced for developers who promote Airfio via their apps and products. Airfio has profitable portion for those promoting Airfio products & application.
  • Earning Programs: It has various earning programs for users to earn free tokens. The program includes bounty & referral campaigns.
  • Lending program: This program will let users hold the coin and get good portion of profit in later days. The one who hold the coin will be given a priority for Airfio’s other products. More on its earning program:

It has proposed 21 products that ultimately launched by 2022 Airfio is growing rapidly with advanced technology in crypto market. It has already gained the enormous market attention from leading institutions, investors and traders due to AI integration.

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