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March 18, 2014 2:56 PM

AirdropCoin – Literal Airdrop of Physical Altcoins From a Plane

Author: Gordon Hall

AirdropCoin – Craziest Altcoin Ever?

As you probably know if you’re into cryptocurrency, AuroraCoin plans to “airdrop” its 50% AUR premine on the 25th March by allocating a batch to every Icelandic citizen via the national identity database.
What you probably didn’t know is that AirdropCoin also plans to airdrop its 50% ADC premine… by chucking it all out of a plane!


Where AuroraCoin’s plan is bold and innovative, AirdropCoin takes it to a whole new level. A Howling Mad Murdoch level! This promises to be one hell of a stunt, an irresistible story that’s sure to hit all kinds of media to raise cryptocurrency awareness.

Paper wallets, rather than metallic coins, will be dropped, a sensible decision in the interests of preventing an unfortunate “death from above” scenario.

WW2-era leaflet bomb being loaded.

A Cryptocurrency Propaganda Leaflet Drop

This “crypto-bombing” is planned for the 6th of June 2014, the 70th anniversary of D-Day, over a location yet to be determined.
The D-Day timing makes a certain kind of sense, as airborne leaflet propaganda was often dropped from planes during World War 2.
All oppressed citizens are urged to surrender their allegiance to the doomed central bank regime, and join with the heroic and inevitably victorious forces of cryptocurrency!
OK, maybe that’s going a little overboard… but some lucky folks will get free cryptocurrency and a cool story to tell.

Vote for the Drop Zone

If you’d like to vote on where this madness will take place, AirdropCoin has a “Location Vote” page for that.
Given the D-Day tie-in, a location in Europe seems most suitable.
A densely-populated urban center would probably be most effective, but local air traffic authorities are probably not the kind of authorities cryptocurrency should aim to buck. So I guess we’ll see how that all works out.
As of press-time, the AirdropCoin countdown clock reads 80 days to D-Day.

Coin Details

The coin was announced on the BitcoinTalk forum by an aviation enthusiast from The Netherlands called – what else? – TheFlyingDutchman. Amusingly, the first response typifies the world-weary cynicism on frequent display over at BitcoinTalk – “****ing scammers” – some of these guys would complain if you gave them gold bullion because it was premined… Although to be fair, a bit of skepticism in the AirdropCoin team’s ability to pull this off may be warranted. I’ll see if they’re up for an interview to discuss that subject.
According to Flying Dutchman’s calendar, the coin will be launched on the 26th of March, with the location vote concluded by the 14th of April. If all goes well, the drop will occur at noon on the 6th of June.

Coin specs

Currently as follows:

70 million coins total
50% premined
Scrypt based with gravity well
1 minute blocks
200000 blocks between halving
100 coins a block immediately after premine

So a fairly standard, fast scrypt coin. It seems like some the details are still, ahem, up in the air, so you could probably jump in with any good coin ideas.

Airdrop Funding

The funding for the plane rental will be raised through an IPO and / or sponsorship deals. A company like BitPay might like to get its logo on the plane, for instance. Or if the boss is feeling especially generous, maybe Gordon Hall from the CryptoCoinsNews team might get a window seat to report on this historic event. :)

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