mobile walletAirbitz, a hosted wallet service, has launched their new mobile wallet for Android and IOS. The Airbitz mobile wallet has several features that are unique to Airbitz. The wallet itself features a built in business directory of brick and mortar stores and online websites that accept Bitcoin. The app has a directory tab which will display the location and current distance away from all business that accept Bitcoin in the user’s area.

The app also allows users to filter the directory by business type. Businesses can list their store/website on the Airbitz website free of charge. By integrating a business directory into a mobile wallet, users will be able to see where they can spend their Bitcoin while managing their personal funds.

Airbitz Features

In addition to the business directory, the wallet appears to be well protected. It requires users to enter a strong ten character password, add a withdrawal pin, and set security questions. The wallet can be synced and shared across multiple user devices. Airbitz uses a decentralized server system which would allow wallets to function even if the Airbitz servers went down. All of the user’s data is encrypted client side that means that all user keys and data are not held on a server by Airbitz or another third party. In addition to the server structure and client side encryption, Airbitz also automatically backs-up all of the user’s data and stores it on a cloud for easy retrieval should something happen to their device.


airbitz mobile wallet

The new Airbitz mobile wallet also allows users the ability to send Bitcoin with Bluetooth; this is a cool feature that would make Bitcoin transactions possible when cell service is not available. If a QR code is not available, users can simply send funds through Bluetooth rather than going through the tedious process of typing out a complete Bitcoin address.

Overall, the Airbitz mobile wallet seems like a very well built mobile platform with some new innovative features. Airbitz hopes to make Bitcoin more approachable to people who think that using the technology is too difficult.

Images from Shutterstock; Airbitz image from Airbitz.