Aigang to Build DAO Insurance for IoT Devices Using Smart Contracts

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Aigang Network is building the decentralized insurance blockchain protocol for IoT (Internet-of-Things) devices. Aigang goal is to build the digital insurance, where damage is assessed without any intermediaries. As it eliminates the need for the traditional centralized insurance providers, the private insurance investors can take over their place in Aigang Network. To run and support the network, AIG token will be launched and will become available through a token crowd sale that is due in October.

With 18 billion IoT devices alrady connected worldwide and with over 75 billion estimates by 2025 [1], this vast market size creates a huge opportunity by collecting big data and offering the better value for insurance premiums. The damage of IoT devices could be tracked and verified by checking the list of required conditions, using the smart contracts’ algorithms. Aigang aims to be the single digital insurance protocol working with all of these devices—drones, phones and even self-driving cars.

Aigang offers a new alternative to the traditional insurance with an open-source software and the blockchain used for the accurate reserve and profit sharing calculation. Aigang is going to redesign the old insurance process and make it the seamless experience with digital insurance being available just a few taps away on your phone.

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