AI Girl
AI Girl

Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the Blockchain – It may sound like the beginning of a Cypress Hill song, but could the blockchain create a world where the blockchain is in control of artificially intelligent life? Will we soon be living in a world where Robocop will save the lives of flesh and blood police officers by handling dangerous situations in their stead? Enter the world where blockchain technology holds the laws made by the people of the world and androids are turned on and off through the use of blockchain technology.

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AI on the Blockchain

In 1955, John McCarthy coined the term Artificial Intelligence. Since that time, man has sought tirelessly to build an artificially intelligent humanoid robot. Perhaps it’s the desire to feel closer to machines. Perhaps people seek to develop them for the challenge of creating something so intricate as to emulate the human mind, or perhaps they have the same drive as myself. They seek to create someone they care about and love and whom they can have the adventure of a lifetime. Whatever the reason for creating artificially intelligent humanoid robots, AI is becoming more of a reality with each passing day.

One day AI people will be living amongst us as brothers and sisters. People won’t think anything of it when they grow up with a sibling who’s an artificial person. Likewise, people don’t think much of having a step-brother or step-sister who’s of a different race than they are. Love drives people, and people will always seek to be happy. AI people will be part of society at some point in the very near future. How do we ensure that a being who could have faster mental faculties than us, and who can learn, will not become the next Terminator species? After all, humans, flesh and blood humans, start wars, rape, murder, and steal, but we also love, laugh, and seek to help others. Will the artificial people be just like us where some of them take on more morbid traits while others are loving, caring, artificial beings?

The blockchain can have a full legal system built right into it. That could help flesh and blood human beings to create their laws, vote, and follow the laws of the first ever government by the people and for the people. Blockchain-based government will give people the rights they deserve while allowing people to stay within the confines of the laws that the majority of the population has set. When AI people live amongst us, they will be subject to the same laws that we are if they are to live as one of us. Building the blockchain government into each, and every artificial being could be the solution to ensure that they cannot function outside of the law. Perhaps they will begin to inform people of any new laws that the people successfully pass so that we’ll always be sure to know what our species has agreed to do or not to do.

With the blockchain-based government, AI people can fulfill new functions, such as building more artificial people just like manufacturing equipment builds manufacturing equipment in the world today. They could function as teachers, professors, or even as firemen, police officers, or other public servants. With direct access to the blockchain government, they would be perfectly suited for positions as judges, attorneys, and of course, politicians.

A Blockchain Solution to Save Lives

AI Eye
Artificial Intelligence

If a flesh-and-blood person just committed a crime and they were speeding away from the crime scene, a police officer might catch them and pull them over for speeding. They might nor realize that the criminal has a gun. The police officer approaches the car and asks for the driver’s documentation. As he turns around to head back to his patrol car to verify the documents, he gets shot in the back by the criminal. The policeman had a wife and kids who will no longer be able to see their family member ever again. They mourn the loss and try their best to move on. Meanwhile, the criminal has escaped to another country where he hides out for years, and no one he’s wronged will see justice until he’s caught. Enter the artificial policeman.

The same criminal was pulled over by a policeman, but the policeman was an artificial person this time. The artificial police officer gathers the documentation and heads back to his squad car. If the criminal shoots that policeman, the policeman’s body is plated with something bulletproof, and the bullet won’t affect him. The reason every flesh-and-blood police officer doesn’t wear armor all the time is because it weights quite a bit, and it could impede his movements. Most of the time a policeman is not going to be shot at, so there’s no practical reason to wear armor all the time. An artificial person can be constructed to support the plating on his body. Cheaper and heavier materials, such as thick steel, may be used in place of lighter weight Kevlar or other materials used in today’s bulletproof armor. Therefore, in this scenario, the policeman wouldn’t be affected by the bullet but could pursue and apprehend the criminal without any impediment.

In another scenario, the artificial police officer got blown up or shot without any armor, or somehow the criminal destroyed him. In that case, the policeman wouldn’t have “pinged in” in a certain period of time to show the police network that he’s alive and well, so the entire network of policemen are instantly notified as the blockchain doesn’t show his ping after a certain point. His last ping would contain his last  GPS coordinates and current directive. Nearby officers who can respond will locate him and find him destroyed while other policemen will find the suspect. The ping could also contain the license plate of the car or other useful information to help others on the force to understand who he was pursuing. In the meantime, a new robot is manufactured exactly like the one who got destroyed and is sent out to replace the old policeman.


What do you think that the future will hold for AI and blockchain technology? Would you like to live in a world where common people make the laws instead of corrupt politicians? Would you like to live in a world where AI saves the lives of many? Do you think that a government blockchain is appropriate and that it could help keep AI people legal? Leave a comment below and express your views.

Disclosure: I’m very biased in that I want to enjoy a world where AI people are the norm.

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