Advanced Miners Develops Versatile Mining Equipment To Decentralize Bitcoin And Improve Earnings

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Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the code: "CCN+Hacked". Sign up here.

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Cryptocurrency mining, once a highly profitable venture, has become more challenging as costs have increased, especially in the past year.

Advanced Miners, a mining company that already operates a mine in northern China, has developed more economical mining equipment, an online mining cloud platform, and will open more mining farms.

Advanced Miners’ goal is to make bitcoin more decentralized with more mining pools and more versatile mining hardware. The company’s versatile equipment will make mining more accessible to many.

Meeting The Challenge

Not only is investment in mining is long-term, but the investments require an understanding of mining equipment, which is difficult to acquire for many.

Advanced Miners has responded to this need by introducing its own ASIC mining equipment based on 12 nanometer (nm) chip, which has been successfully tested. The chip will be launched for public sale by mid-year, and an ASIC based on 7 nm will be available by year’s end.

The income from both the AMS-12 nm and ASM-7 nm has the potential to surpasses that of other mining equipment.

Following distribution of the new mining equipment, Advanced Miners will open its online cloud platform for people to buy and sell hash. Only the ACM token will be accepted for payment, which bodes well for the token’s future value.

The company in 2016 launched its first bitcoin focused farm in northern China using Antminer ASIC from Bitmain. The best energy price at the time was $0.04 per KW. By April 2017, Litecoin and Ethereum farms were established, followed by Monero and Dash farms.

ICO Begins

The announcement of the 12 nm chips coincided with the recent launch of the ICO, which released 12 million tokens and will last through June 15. The price is $0.9 per token, a 35% discount from final token price.

The second stage of the ICO will bring the main sale, with a token price of $1.2 for 5,000 to 10,000 units of ASIC AM-12. The ASIC AM-7 based on the 7 nm chip will be tested.

Hash rates will increase in steps following the ICO. The estimated hash rate after the ICO is 542.00 PH/s for SHA-245, then 1,650.00 PH/S after the buy/sell hash platform begins, then 3,800.00 PH/S after the launch of the cloud mining platform.

New Mining Farm Coming

Advanced Miners’ next step will be to establish a mining farm in Canada with an AMS-1 based on a 12 nm chip with an estimated electricity rate of $0.03 per KW. A large mining pool will launch by April of 2019.

Investors will be able to exchange or turn ACM tokens into hash power since mining profit and payments will be executed automatically. Users can purchase contracts for bitcoin mining with ASIC AM-12 and AM-7 with ACM tokens during the 2018-2019 period.

The company will not sell mining boards equipped with the 12 nm chips to the public, but only to its investors in its ICO.

ICO investors will have some advantages compared to other mining companies since they can choose whether to buy ASIC with delivery to their data centers or buy hash on the online platform with guaranteed cheap electricity.