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Democrats fight each other rather than Trump

Last Updated March 4, 2021 5:11 PM
Tyrone Townsend
Last Updated March 4, 2021 5:11 PM

The Democrats have a better strategy to fight among themselves rather than collaborating for a sure-fire way to beat Donald Trump. The majority of the articles heading into the weekend feature a photo of the front runner Bernie Sanders partnered with articles structured to cover his campaign in shit. The skeptics are in full force to stomp Bernie into the mud with any slice of opportunity they can get. However, Super Tuesday results show a clash of the titans.

Joe Biden is the Golden Child of the Democrat Party, with the whole party behind him ready to take over the White House. He is the Democrat’s Democrat. Against all the odds, Biden has managed to continue to stand tall against political and personal persecution. He had faith in his southern firewall to bring him back from the abyss showed in the early contest,  the polls showed Biden had a key factor on his side–the black voters. 

Biden managed to transform into a front runner thanks to his firewall in the south with a landslide victory in South Carolina and a sweep in the rest of the southern states on Super Tuesday. The cast-off candidates–Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and now Bloomberg–have placed their support behind the former vice president. It pays off to have the tag of “former vice president to Barack Obama” surging your name through the polls. The quiet hand of Obama  has herded supporters to the polls thanks to the lens of Obama delusion.  If Biden continues the upward movement, he would be considered the knight in shining armor to defeat the Trump dragon. The success of Sanders still has the Democratic party running like chickens with their heads cut off.

It would be a foolish idea for an act of self-sabotage by the Democrats just to ensure their gains in the election seat. The Democratic insiders know the biggest obstacle to cancel out Sanders is his fiery supporters. The majority of young voters still support Bernie.  They turn out in crowds at his rallies and form the core of his grassroots efforts to win the Democratic presidential nomination.  Mainstream Democrats’ strategy is to nominate a “middle ground nominee”(most likely Biden)  and then gather all the Sanders supporters to vote for him.

The chances of that working are slim to none. Many of Sanders supporters would send a middle finger to the nominee so the group to bait in next would be the fed-up Republicans and independents. It is a challenging task to accomplish due to Sander’s relationship among self-identified independents. 

Imagine the media filled with clips and videos of the nominee walking across the Democratic National Convention stage receiving no love from the percentage masses or Congress members trying to figure out who screwed the pooch.

The portion of young Democrats would turn their backs on the Democratic Party. Sanders has the power of the younger voters who are not attached to the Democrats or even politics at all. The resentment still lingers from 2016 about fairness in the nomination process. If Sanders is not the nominee there is no chance his supporters will support anyone. The question is will the Democratic party rally together just in time, or will they be caught with their pants down and fall on their faces?

I reckon we shall see what happens when the time comes.