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That Presidential Debate Felt Right Out of NBC’s “The Office”

W. E. Messamore
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM

No amount of hyperbole was enough for Wednesday news headlines about the presidential debate . For example, a Politico editor waxed indignant:

An Epic Moment of National Shame: The Debate Was an Embarrassment for the Ages

Likewise, Rolling Stone branded it the “most disgraceful” debate in presidential history . The Atlantic went with “disgusting” to describe Donald Trump’s performance . Meanwhile, the USA Today’s editorial board called it a “horror show.” 

But the first 2020 presidential debate was more comedy than horror. In fact, it had some strong NBC’s “The Office” vibes. The big Dwight energy, and even strong impressions of Jim Halpert and Michael Scott in Joe and Trump’s debate was really funny. Not to mention, humanizing.

31:05 fauci scrum

so funny

someone else caught an office vibe but look at the timestamp in slack i thought of it 2 hrs earlier


who said that


fauci did not say that